Urgent: Support Tidal: Occupy Theory

by The North Star on April 19, 2012

Tidal: Occupy Theory, Occupy Strategy urgently needs to raise funds to be able to print its third issue. Please, consider donating to the Tidal Kick Starter.

“Does the world need free, revolutionary education in the streets?”

There can be no radical action without radical thought.

Tidal: Occupy Theory is a magazine and action group created from Occupy Wall Street. Released in December 2011, the first issue of Tidal (http://bit.ly/AisKLP) offered theoretical and strategic visions of how to transform the existing power structures. In early March, the second issue  (http://bit.ly/GXtdUU) looked towards mass actions on May 1st and throughout the spring globally.

Tidal is resonating internationally, with the entire first issue translated and printed in Greek, and the second issue ready to print in Spanish.

Through mass distribution teams, Tidal is appearing in the streets, the subways, and every other space we occupy. Occupy Theory also hosts an open website (occupytheory.org) and in-person conversations and events to link active bodies with the internet and the printed word.

At Tidal, we do not charge anyone for anything and do not pay ourselves anything. We rely solely on donations, and are now raising money to:

Print 100,000 copies (Spanish/English) of Tidal #3 (coming in May) = $15,360

Additional Printing of the 2nd issue of Tidal #2 (amount incurred by Tidal team to print 20,600 copies) = $3,500

Transportation costs re distribution of Tidal #3 = $500

Posters created by Katie Falkenberg and R. Black for Tidal #2.

A few drawings by Alex Krales, member of OWS Direct Action Group

We have been up all night, beneath electric lamps whose fluorescent souls are bright as the smell of ocean, because like them, we are breathing our last breaths before the plunge in search of a world that fits all worlds.

These damn streets. This crawling pavement. These birds finally waking up. Welcome Spring.

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