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by The North Star on April 25, 2012

Hi everyone,

As part of the Outreach cluster of Occupy Wall Street (OWS), we have come together to add a fun new member to the collection of Occupy newspapers – the Metroccupied.

The Metroccupied will follow similar distribution and format as the well-known free New York dailies AM NY & Metro. The paper will be handed out to morning commuters at New York’s busiest subway stations, and will aim to appeal to subway riders’ interest in snappy, byte-sized content.

The Metroccupied will be filled with what we hope will be pertinent immediate information, such as a “Know Your Rights” column, and topics the mainstream media does not address that Occupy knows are crucial. Examples include: the case of Adrian Schoolcraft; interviews of the 99%; and fake ads (ever thought a Weight Loss Ad could promote a Hunger Strike?).

Our first objective is to inform New Yorkers of the issues that have brought Occupiers together, in ways that anyone should be able to understand. Our second objective is to help readers understand the movement, keep informed on Occupy activities, and offer ways to plug in. Our third objective is to illustrate that we can play the game of snappy and concise news as well as the corporate media does.

First issue was printed and distributed on #A17 – April 17, 2012 – Tax Day. We plan to publish bimonthly from there.

We are seeking to raise $20,00 for printing our next issue. This money will go directly to the printers to produce 10,000 copies of the Metroccupied, and to offset the WePay fees for transactions. Quote and receipts will be provided to anyone who would like to see them.

Email us at = [email protected]
Facebook = metroccupied
Twitter = @metroccupied

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Barbara Waddell-Steele July 5, 2012 at 12:39 pm

What are the subway stations where this publication can be obtained? Also, where can I send a donation?


admin July 6, 2012 at 8:55 am

Here is the Metroccupy Web site:

This is the link for donations:


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