Israel and the Revolution in Syria

by Darth Nader on September 28, 2012

First posted here.

So much for the “pro-Israeli” Syrian revolution.

The involvement of Israel vis-a-vis Syria has been a contentious topic since the beginning of the Syrian uprising. Pro-regimers claim that overthrowing Assad is in Israel’s interest, Zionists are supporting the revolutionaries, and some have even gone so far as to claim that there are Zionists operating in Syria today. Basically, they contend that the entire Syrian Revolution is a Zionist plot to overthrow the bastion of resistance that is Bashar Al-Assad’s Syria. Pro-revolutionaries’ response to these arguments is that overthrowing Assad is actually not in Israel’s interest, because although Assad talks tough, he has in effect guaranteed Israel stability by refraining from challenging Israel’s occupation of the Syrian Golan Heights, captured by Israel in 1967. The Israeli-Syrian “border”, they point out, has been Israel’s quietest border, and therefore, Israel has an interest in maintaining the status quo in Syria.

In addition, there are many instances in history whereby Syria has taken a position against the Palestinian cause, including during the Lebanese Civil War (where the Hafez al-Assad sided with the reactionary Lebanese Phalangist forces against the Palestinian Liberation Organization and the Lebanese leftist forces), the Tel Al-Zaatar Massacre, and the War of the Camps in Beirut.

The Dad: Hafez Al-Assad sold the Golan to the Israelis
The Son: Bashar Al-Assad sold Syria to the Iranians
The Grandpa: Suleiman Al-Assad sold Syria to the French

However, these arguments are simply rhetorical.

Those who claim Zionists are working with the Free Syrian Army (FSA) in Syria to overthrow Assad and those who claim that Israel has an interest in the status quo are basing their arguments on historical political evidence rather than recent rhetoric and actions of the various parties. And the various “reports” we have been getting from the media on the relation between the Syrian revolution and Israel have not been helpful either. For example, this article in Israel National News claims that a “Syrian rebel leader” stated that in a post-Assad Syria, “Israel will remain an enemy.” At the same time, this article in Haaretz implies the opposite, whereby an interview with another “Syrian rebel leader” reassures Israel concerning their stability in a post-Assad Syria.

What follows is an examination of Israeli-Syrian relations that hopefully sheds some light on the relation between Israel, the Assad regime, and the Syrian revolution.

First of all, despite the collective amnesia of some pro-regimers, the Assad regime did engage in peace talks with Israel as recently as 2008. So, its portrayal by some as an unrelenting, committed member of the Axis of Resistance and Rejectionist bloc is insincere. Unlike Iran and Hezbollah, who will probably never engage with Israel, Israel knows from past experience that the Assad regime is at least open to the idea. The Assad regime’s alliance with Iran and Hezbollah is not out of sheer principle, but political calculation. Furthermore, normalizing relations with Israel requires a dictator, as only an unelected, unaccountable dictator (like Anwar Sadat in Egypt) can push through such an unpopular position without fear of repercussions from the people. Therefore, it is likely that normalizing relations between Israel and Syria could only have happened with a figure like Bashar al-Assad being president and forcing it through despite objections from below.

This was all before the revolution.

Since the revolution, the Assad regime’s attitude has not been so clear. It has tried to blame the crisis on foreign agents, chief among them, Israel. But at the same time, Rami Makhlouf, Bashar al-Assad’s cousin, told the New York Times in an interview that, “If there is no stability here, there’s no way there will be stability in Israel.” Quite a frank admission on the part of someone so high up in the regime. In addition to that, in July 2011, four months into the uprising, the Assad regime announced that it would recognize a Palestinian state within the 1967 borders with East Jerusalem as its capital. This is hardly a radical position; in fact, it is a position that de facto gives up the claim to Jerusalem and recognizes Israel. Recognizing a Palestinian state within the 1967 borders implicitly recognizes the state of Israel in the territory it captured in 1948. This implicit recognition of Israel is certainly not a position characteristic of a state that is considered a member of the “Rejectionist Bloc”, especially considering the fact that Mahmoud Abbas himself “welcomed Syrian recognition of a Palestinian state.”

What about Israel’s attitude?

Israel has not said much about the Syrian revolution since it began. However, the few times it has said something are revealing. For one, Israelis openly admit that “at the top of Israel’s list of concerns is the possibility that Syria’s chemical weapons will fall into rogue hands, possibly Al-Qaeda or even Hezbollah.”

But what is even more revealing is Netanyahu’s response to the Houla massacre. Now obviously, it was a no-brainer for Netanyahu to condemn it, as almost every other state was doing. So, according to this article in Jewish Telegraphic Agency, “Netanyahu expressed his ‘revulsion over the ongoing massacre being perpetrated by the forces of Syrian President Bashar Assad against innocent civilians, which continued over the weekend in Houla and included dozens of innocent children.’” According to the article, this was “the first time that Netanyahu has addressed atrocities in Syria since the uprising in the country began more than a year ago.” Things get interesting, however, when, after the condemnation of the Houla Massacre, Netanyahu states, “Iran and Hezbollah are an inseparable part of the Syrian atrocities and the world needs to act against them.”

Is it not telling that the first time Netanyahu ever addresses the atrocities happening in Syria, he feels the need to throw in Iran and Hezbollah? Iran and Hezbollah had nothing to do with the massacre that was perpetrated. What Netanyahu reveals, however, is that any criticism of the Assad regime must include some criticism of what he thinks are his real enemies. He doesn’t care that the Houla massacre made the Assad regime look bad. Someone interested in overthrowing the Assad regime in and of itself would go on and on about how this massacre was perpetrated by an illegitimate regime that is killing its own people and must be overthrown immediately. But, no, not Netanyahu. Netanyahu gives us a token statement of condemnation of the massacre, then proceeds to attack Iran and Hezbollah. Why? Because he doesn’t think the Assad regime is really all that worth attacking. Because the only way he is trying to capitalize on the Syrian revolution isn’t by trying to get rid of Assad and supporting the revolution, but by somehow tying the atrocities that Assad is committing with the people that he really has a problem with.

Anyone who claims that Israel is supporting the revolution in Syria, or any other conspiracy theory about Zionist influence on the revolution, simply hasn’t been following the relations between the two governments. Random anonymous reports by people who claim to be Syrian rebels who support Israel mean nothing. What matters is what states actually do, not unconfirmed news or conjecture. And what the Syrian state controlled by Assad has done is showed an enormous amount of willingness to accommodate Israel’s interests and even warn Israel of what would happen in a post-Assad Syria. And what the state of Israel has done is show a reluctance to condemn Assad harshly and call for his removal.

Thus, Israel’s attitude towards the Syrian revolution is one of skepticism and fear of uncertainty, and not one of enthusiastic support. To those claiming that Israel is involved in the Syrian revolution, please, look at what the state of Israel and the Assad regime are actually doing and saying before jumping to conclusions based on conjecture in an effort to slander the Syrian revolution.

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Brian S. September 29, 2012 at 2:08 pm

A very interesting post. It should be obvious that democratic Arab states would be far more consistent and reliable allies of the Palestinian cause than a barrelful of Gaddafis and Assads. Solidarity with Palestine is the one constant political theme across all countries, all political factions, and all social groups. The Israelis are certainly aware of this, and the US has a gnawing concern about it. The only people who don’t seem to recognise it are purblind sections of the western left.


Pham Binh of Occupy Wall Street, Class War Camp September 30, 2012 at 3:22 pm

“The only people who don’t seem to recognise it are purblind sections of the western left.”

These people have been losing so much for so long they don’t know when other people are winning.


your momma October 17, 2012 at 2:48 pm

a. Palestinians in Lebanon were part of the civil war. Syria was asked to enter under Arab league mandate and invited by the Lebanese govt. Palestinians fighting with Lebanese inside Lebanon was part of the civil war scenario, not resistance. but lets not get into that.

b.Israeli media is confusing at best, sometimes pro regime statements, sometimes anti regime. not much luck there or with any media outlet.

c. Syria has never said it wont engage in talks, or that it will not stop until Israel is annihilated. the official slogan has been and remains “a complete peace with full justice”. there have been demands. a full return of the Golan and allowing the refugees the right of return. negotiating with Israel has been done by the Palestinians themselves, why wouldn’t the Syrian tract try talks? that’s a retarded statement. finally on this point why pretend when they can have an open peace like every other Arab leader sell out? open an embassy and normalize ties, engage in business, receive US aid that they can pocket like Egypt, etc. your point is no point. doesn’t make any sense. because why did he go to war in 73? why does he support hizballah and until very recently hamas? and scores of other Palestinian groups all with HQ in Damascus?

d. Rami makhlouf was clearly a threat. only the brainwashed people think it could possibly mean that Syria will secure security for Israel. it clearly meant, that Israel is attacking Syria and they better back down and if they don’t, then Syria will attack israel. and if you decide to read the rest of the article, even the interviewer took that as the meaning and asked if it was a threat he was making. this is one of the lame points that pro-revolutionists pick on.

e. hafez was called the sphynx of damascus. for a reason. he played politics. regional politics. promising, lying, changeing whatever. the golan was quite yes. they signed a treaty enforced by UNDOF who are stationed between the 2 states, and the villages on the syrian side are syrian not israeli. however no treaty was signed for syria to not push the resistance and the weapons and training and funding through the lebanese border via Hizballah. to say the stupid remark that golan is quite without mentioning that it is syria and iran that train and fund and arm hizballah and hamas, with both HQ’s in Damascus is some lame ass shit. its politics, not fucking hogwarts.

f. A Turkish MP in Parliament has openly claimed the presence of Israeli and US troops in the HATAY province coordinating attacks with the FSA, as well as it being a playground for CIA and Mossad (google it yourself). I would doubt that they wouldn’t take the opportunity, if not only for training, to infiltrate syria and learn the terrain with their own eyes. not to mention active people in the SNC have openly declared they want peace with Israel repeatedly, and the head of the MB on israeli TV recognized the state of Israel and said its time for peace so shut the fuck up, and do some more research.

g. you are a fucking idiot. OBVIOUSLY syria and iran support syria is the secret friend and the poor hizballahwis and iranians are being taken for a ride…why the fuck allow iran to fund hizballah the real enemy if he is friends with israel? why not turn them into a political party and disarm them like every other militia in lebanon? get the fuck outta here dude. you are one brainwashed fucker, like the rest of them.

h. sorry if i sound offensive, but i am sick of intelligent educated arabs falling for this shit.



Pham Binh of Occupy Wall Street, Class War Camp October 17, 2012 at 4:23 pm

a. So the Syrian government killing Palestinians in Lebanon was your idea of “resistance to Israel”?

b. True. Judge Israel by its actions, not by its statements. What actions has it taken to facilitate the fall of Assad since the uprising started? Any?

c. You confuse Syria’s “official slogans” with its actual positions and interests in negotiations like a naïve Obamabot in 2008. Assad was more than willing to throw the Palestinians and Hezbollah under the bus in exchange for normalizing relations with the U.S.:

Hamas no longer supports Assad because he’s killed so many Palestinians in Syria. Why do you continue to do so?

d and e. The Assads kept the peace on the Golan for how many decades, even in 2006 during Israel’s attack on Lebanon. True or false?

f. Hearsay. The CIA is blocking heavy weapons from getting to the FSA:

g. Only an idiot would think that Hezbollah killing Palestinians and revolutionary Syrians benefits anyone other than Israel (and Assad).

h. Sorry if I sound offensive, but your arguments were relatively easy to poke holes in. A for effort though. Most of the pro-Assad folks just make stupid accusations that about so-and-so being a CIA agent.


your momma October 17, 2012 at 5:11 pm

a. no, you just made my point. palestinians in lebanons civil war is a product of israel but nothing to do with resistance. syrians were not the first to kill, or be killed in lebanon, and the palestinians in lebanon at that time were killing and being killed. its a civil war. at the same time syrians were also supporting other palestinian groups that were resisting and always have been.

b. obviously you skipped the part about the Turkish MP in my first post. Israel is doing plenty to assisst the fall of assad, as is their key ally and super power America who openly fund them. as do their regional allies, and as does Turkey a member of Nato with 2 diffrent military agreements with Israel.

c. you seem to fail at seeing that syria has gone to the table plenty of times, and always came back without making peace and normalizing ties. so if syria is so keen on making peace and normalizing ties and ready to tread on everyone to do it, why are they then keeping the status quo as israels secret buddies when everyone else in the region is open about it? they negate eachother.

Hamas no longer supports assad officially no. they are also playing politics. however did you not use the magical google to find out about the fact that Iran just signed a treaty with Hamas recently that if they attack israel, Hamas joins in? not to mention the largest palestinian organization, the PLFP are still supporting the regime and fighting the FSA, as are the other 8 Palestinian groups with HQ’ s in Damascus. or is Hamas the sole representative of the entire struggle?

d & e the syrians also kept up the pressure from the lebanese side for many decaded even during the 2006 war, true or false? dude this is politics not disneyland. if we could wipe them off the map today we would. we cant. we fight for the golans return, a reduction in their current size and the right of refugees to return. that not being attained we are not ready to throw anyone under a bus. that being attained id throw my mother under a bus for the greater good. (well maybe your momma anyway)

f. hearsay. they say they are but a small gorilla army taking on an actual national army and holding ground, taking tanks and shooting down planes..with what water pistols. naive. besides here..if youre gnna make me have to google shit myself and post a link:

read the first sentence.

g. where did you get the bit where yu thought i said hizballah should kill palestinians, despite the recent move from damascus by hizballah, hamas still depend on hizballah for weapons and supplies, as they always have.

h. im not offended. youre a victim of the media. like the rest that cant see this as an obvious continuation of the plan for a new middle east that has been discussed in parliments and congress houses and military manuals for decades now.


Pham Binh of Occupy Wall Street, Class War Camp October 18, 2012 at 12:16 am

“Israel is doing plenty to assisst the fall of assad”

And yet you can’t name a single thing. Funny how that works.


Louis Proyect October 17, 2012 at 7:14 pm

A Turkish MP in Parliament has openly claimed the presence of Israeli and US troops in the HATAY province coordinating attacks with the FSA, as well as it being a playground for CIA and Mossad (google it yourself).

The last politician whose word I would want to take on such matters is a Kemalist. The Republican People’s Party was the best friend of the Mossad and the CIA before the AKP took over. This accusation smacks of demagogic attempts to undercut the ruling party. I say this as someone who has spent a considerable amount of time in Turkey and with close relationships to Turkish radicals who have no use for either the AKP or the Kemalists. I should also point out that the English version of the Turkish article appeared on PressTV, the garbage can of world media that sits next to the Russian outlet for such raw sewage.


Darwin26 February 10, 2013 at 12:57 am

Hi Louis, so are you dissing Press TV and ? or the news is so far from what the world really deserves ? i need to get grip on ‘trusted media’ handle …
i saw the film about the kid in Turkish prison for drugs and his eventual escape ~ i said Turkey looks like a rough place to live much less survive. However did you survive?



your momma October 22, 2012 at 2:11 pm

pham bin: supporting the rebels, that’s one thing. gearing for war with syrias allies HIzballah and Iran is another thing. supporting people like you is a thirds thing….funny how that works.

Louis: I actually got it from a greek paper, but sure I’m sure only CNN and Fox are real news and everything else is bullshit. riiiiiiiiiiiiight. not to mention you seem to confirm that you know the MP and his politics…so did he say that or not in your opinion of expertise due to living there for some time?

if you know turkish …here:

British paper daily star writes:

but you can believe what press to listen to and what to deny as you normally do…

heres another UK military website: claiming an israeli press agency has declared british special forces inside syria from turkey…whatever dude, do you really doubt it? they said there were none on the ground in Libya till after they pulled out…turns out they were there from the begining…

but whatever, blieve what you will…


Pham Binh of Occupy Wall Street, Class War Camp October 22, 2012 at 2:52 pm

Again, you fail to point out what Israel has actually done to support any wing of the Syrian opposition/revolution.

The only conclusion a reasonable person could draw from this is that Israel isn’t doing very much to aid the struggle against Assad. Facts are stubborn things, and when you don’t have any to back up your claims and political positions, that makes things even more difficult.


Brian S. October 22, 2012 at 4:25 pm

@your momma: Its not about “believe what you will” but NOT believing( automatically) what you would like. And remember that your source is only as good as its source.
The UK Daily Star is not a serious news source for (as a 30 second pause on its site will demonstrate): it only carries this sort of story because it figures its testosterone driven target male readers will get excited by anything that mentions “special forces”. (Its source, you will note is itself)
Your “UK miitary website” is only that in the sense that its another fan club for afficionados of “elite forces”; its source is Debka, a rathere sensationalist paysite,of which Wikipedia says: ” Cornell Law professor Michael C. Dorf calls Debka his “favorite alarmist Israeli website trading in rumors”
By the way, “they” (if you mean western military forces) were not in Libya “from the beginning” (if ever).

And, to whom it may interest: on the question of the FSAs anti-aircraftcapacity: rumours of them acquiring MANPADs have been around for several months : C,J, Chivers has been tracking these reports and concluded on 15 October that they do now have some of these, but they appear to be few in number and are old.Soviet SA-7s. This could fit in with the story I posted some time ago about a possible shipment from Libya, since they are the type that were captured by anti-Gaddafi forces.On the other hand, the Syrian army also has them, so they could have been picked up in a Damascus fire sale.


Brian S. October 22, 2012 at 4:27 pm
your momma October 23, 2012 at 1:09 pm

Brian: i am not going to sit here and trawl through all the stuff I have read for your benefit. either do a little home work or stop trying to sound very intelligent. Furthermore on the man pads, its obviously not rumors, they have been reported and confirmed by many news sources.

the khaleej times article i posted here a few posts ago is sourced from reuters…or are they not credible for you? talking about some confirmed heavy armaments..or are the reports of downed planes and helicopters across the board not enough.

re Libya is BBC good enough for you?

so basically stop being such a smart ass, acting like you are deciphering my lies when in fact you have no basis to your preposterous claims. google it. and don’t get me wrong, i don’t hate you or get bothered by you. i feel for you. you are like the multitude, and whatever, we all will look back and see and know what was what at some point…or maybe not for that matter. either way. there is enough evidence from your trusted sources to support my claims, but of course you probably just want to win an argument at this point. do your home work. wake up. there is a new world order on discussions of parliaments and senates worldwide, check their notes, easily accessible to those who care to read. they want to get rid of what they call the rouge states. that’s the bottom line. there is plan for a new middle east. Syria deserves better. bring a real alternative, a great leader, not a ragtag army with no idea of what comes after. it will clearly be a power vacuum.

Pham bin: you , unlike Brian, i do hate. youre a moron. I already said they have Mossad helping the rebels, and backed it up with articles and a video. but we can then turn the silly debate into “credible news sources” because if CNN said your momma was michal jackson you would probably believe it.

you think RT is bullshit and CNN is awesome, well here is RT talking to AMBER LYON who recently quit CNN for censoring and lying about Bahrain, after she went there. so the Bullshit RT has the Legit emmy award winning journalist from the uber legit CNN talking about how bullshit CNN is. but hey…who am i to talk about all this stuff..i have no hindsight…i am not a syrian who lives in syria that knows syria…no, you know better.


admin October 23, 2012 at 1:57 pm

You want to name call (moron, smart ass), do it elsewhere.

First and last warning.


Brian S. October 23, 2012 at 7:18 pm

@your momma:
The Reuters article you refer to is not a “confirmed” report of anything but simply an account of a an off-the cuff remark by the French foreign minister, and makes no mention of planes being “shot down”. We might take that as providing indirect evidence that the FSA has acquired some anti-aircraft weaponry. But so what – I posted two links above reporting exactly that. The relevant questions are, how many, what type, and where from. The sources I cited suggest – not many, old and crude, and sourced from someone who was supplied by the Soviets: so not the west or Israel or Turkey; possibly Libyan sympathisers; most likely arms dealers or sources in the Syrian army.There are very few reports of Syrian military aircraft being shot down (or to be precise,lots of reports but only a few different aircraft shot down): maybe 3 jets and 3 helicopters over the last 2 months.
On Libya: The BBC Mark Urban piece had passed me by, so thank for that. But you haven’t been paying attention: what I contested was your claim that (somebody or other, you weren’t clear) “had been there from the start”. The Urban article doesn’t support that – apart from a minor evacuation of expats, it deals with the activity of British and Qatari forces” In the end”. Indeed it documents the well known fact that when MI6 tried to enter Libya early on they were arrested and sent packing. Subsequently a small group of 6 officers were sent as advisers to Benghazi (where they were almost certainly irrelevant). It wasn’t until preparations for the final assault on Tripoli in August that 20+ British trainers entered the country. It also mentions a more significant Qatari presence – but again only at the very end. This is the official UK Ministry of Defence version – and there’s virtually no independent corroboration of it, despite the fact that journalists were present in all the places concerned. My guess is that it has a high bullshit quotient.


your momma October 23, 2012 at 1:12 pm

pham bin..i dont actually hate you, but you are a moron. you take this same line of argument and run with it as if we didnt discuss like 20 other points, but go girl.


Pham Binh of Occupy Wall Street, Class War Camp October 23, 2012 at 1:47 pm

Losing arguments to a moron must hurt your frail ego, but I suppose Assad losing control of the Alawi community and with it control of Syria must hurt you more:


your momma October 23, 2012 at 4:29 pm

Admin: fair play. but name calling is fun in a kind of 3rd grade way…

Pham: stop saying moron…[ re: admin ]

also, you ar not a alawi are you? nor have you probably ever been to syria. Most minorities period, and large segments of sunni’s predominantly in Aleppo and Damascus are against the FSA though they may also be critical of the government. i dont need to reference aljazeera or any source for that. I am syrian, i travel all over syria and i know what syrians are saying on the street. so read all you want, but he is not losing any control of alawi’s and with it syria. in fact, only the Fsa held areas to the north see constant warfare (today i mean, other areas at other times did). the rest are hit and run attacks or bombs set by FSA, of which many in populated areas. it flares up, dies down, then flares up somewhere else. that is mainly the situation. only the north is completely hot right now. its even safe to travel up and down the country because the army has checkpoints on all major highways.

the kurds (mostly sunni) are predominantly with the regime in the north east, they wont allow FSA to infiltrate, the religous minorites (21 of them) are predominantly with the regime. the Sunnis of Damascus and Alleppo proper are with the regime predominantly, and the sunni’s of the outskirts are predominantly not. in fact the FSA was recently bitching again that the people of Alleppo are not joining their ranks, reported by none other than your favriot source, aljazeera.

dude honestly, dont give me your western media education of my country. neither give me the Syrians living outside syrias views. they are just as effected by the media as you are, and dont seem to care that the country is being ripped apart internally and innocent civilians are dying due to both sides incapacity to do anything right. i can critisize the gov all day long, however dont come to me and tell me the FSA are saviors of any kind.

one last thing, then i depart your misguided lives forever. how do you think a bunch of armed gangs that allegedly are all syrian army desserters with crap weopons are holding their ground against the actual syrian army which has not fallen apart even though they have an airforce as well? you really think its because there is no special forces or mossad or CIA involvement? think about it. and also, did you know that the syrian army is made up of conscripts doing compulsory national duty. they are the very same children of syria, and are made up of the same stock, so they are predominantly sunni, with 20 percent or so minorities. and they havent broken up and fallen apart…that says a lot unless of course you go back to your disney land media reports…


admin October 23, 2012 at 4:58 pm

He is free to call himself a moron.


admin October 23, 2012 at 5:06 pm

“neither give me the Syrians living outside syrias views.”

Your comments come from IP addresses located in Chicago, Illinois and Dubai, United Arab Emirates. It appears that you are also a Syrian living outside of Syria. For the record…


your momma October 23, 2012 at 5:23 pm

i travel. or is that not allowed for syrians?


admin October 24, 2012 at 10:07 am

Post from an IP address in Syria to prove you are what you say you are. Otherwise you aren’t travelling.


Louis Proyect October 24, 2012 at 12:49 pm
Louis Proyect October 23, 2012 at 6:36 pm

@your momma: you really think its because there is no special forces or mossad or CIA involvement?

This echoes the Truther line that Arabs are too stupid to have pulled off the attack themselves. The CIA had to be involved.


your momma October 25, 2012 at 7:00 am

admin…thats a bit hard while youre travelling…next time im in syria though..if theres a syria left.

louis. the rest of the statement is logic. a small band of ill equipt defectors from the syrian army, are holding, nay gaining ground, from the better equipt much larger army they deffected from, with an airforce to back them…..riiiiiiiight.

p.s. they are both arabs.

anyway, i think im done here. you are free to think what you will. just never assume there isnt always a counter point to the point the media put in your head.

the gov isnt clean or innocent, but the reasons things are unfolding as they are is to serve certain agendas none of which are benifitial to the syrian people. its a new middle east.

good night boys.


admin October 25, 2012 at 10:03 am

Bye bye, expat.


Brian S. October 25, 2012 at 11:25 am

@yourmomma: You keep saying goodbye and then popping up again. On the basis that you are finding it difficult to leave us, I’ll make a comment. You claim a lot of inside knowledge of what is going on in Syria but seem to have almost no familiarity with the extensive information that has come out from well-established journalists (working usually for western sources but often not westerners themselves) who have been on the ground in the combat zones. None of these have seen hide nor hair of any western or Israeili presence. Your entire argument rests on abstract reasoning – and not very sound reasoning at that
You ask how: “a small band of ill equipped defectors from the syrian army, are holding, nay gaining ground, from the better equipped much larger army they deffected from, with an airforce to back them…” But you’ve already answered your own question: The Syrian army is a conscript army, many of whose rank and file are from Sunni communities, and are therefore unreliable.The reliable core forces at the disposal of the regime are relatively small: so it has to depend heavily on its superior firepower rather than superior numbers.
You ask why the Syrian army hasn’t “broken up and fallen apart” – but much of it has! I presume you aren’t suggesting that the FSA is ENTIRELY made up of US and Israeli special forces? That leaves you with the reality of mass defections from the armed forces – some 10 000 or more – defections right across the military structure and hierarchy – army, navy, airforce, Republican guard, security forces – at all ranks up to brigadier generals.
And I would turn your question back on you: if the Syrian armed forces weren’t decomposing internally do you seriously think that the involvement of a handful of foreign special forces could explain the FSA’s successes?
Time to think again.


Omer February 14, 2013 at 10:01 am

In both Egypt and Lybia, both the goverment and the rebels claimed Israel was conspiring with the opposing side. Its amazing how you all think Israel is involved in anything going on in the world as is actively involved. No Israel does not care about Tourism in Sinai and no the Mossad did not send “trained sharks”. Get over it.

Israel acts on its own intrest. In this case it is worried both about terrorist elements in the FSA and also with Hizbollah getting stronger.


Pham Binh May 20, 2013 at 9:19 am

DN’s analysis confirmed by Israeli intelligence officials:


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