People Of Color Organize Fund Drive

by Ernesto Aguilar on September 30, 2012

To my friends and comrades,

I hope this finds you well. Things are good here in Texas. Many wonderful movements have emerged and continue to grow in the midst of economic and social challenges. I’m gratified to be in this moment, and to see so many opportunities for change.
I’m writing you to ask for your help. People Of Color Organize, a site I serve as an editor on, is in the midst of its fund drive. Since 2010, we’ve done as much as possible to highlight struggles, promote the writing and ideas of provocative thinkers and activists, and convey a sense of hope and determination. On a personal note, it’s exciting to me to create a broader political dialog in which the voices of people of color present visions independent of the usual mechanisms of power. While those fronts have obvious value, the world is seeing how much can be changed by the grassroots — even if that’s not really news to most of us.
I’d love if you could give a donation. If it’s not possible for you right now, anything you could do to pass the word to others would be wonderful. Sending the link, tweeting it, posting it to Facebook, or anything really makes a tremendous difference. The support goes to sustain the project and launch new coverage.
Thank you for reading this far. I’m honored to get a moment of your time.
Love and solidarity to all,

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