Atma Refugee Camp, Turkey Needs Help

by MTK on December 11, 2012

Because of the constant bombardment directed at residential areas and public utilities, civilians have been displaced from Aleppo and its countryside to camps in safer places to escape from death to a very cruel fate.

They are enduring bad situations, displaced sleep in the open without heating in temperatures reaching to zero centigrade. Several cases of death of children have been recorded due to the lack of heating.

The magnitude of people suffering is so huge and cannot be described in words nor pictures. everyone visited these camps or got to know about them felt his humanitarian responsibility calling him to save the lives of children who have been deprived of basics needs and sleep to the sounds of barbaric bombardment and their stomachs are empty and bodies frozen

Syrian children sleep in very cold nights caught in between sweet dreams and scary nightmares, dreaming that their brothers in humanity will save them and give them a hand that they might enjoy a warm night or fill their hunger with a meal. On the other hand, frightening nightmares are attacking them; if their brothers in humanity abandon their duties, they might freeze in these cold nights and never wake up, or they may wake up but beside a dead mother.

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