Homage to Maps

by Jeremy on December 19, 2012

We are gathered here this evening to pay homage to the maps.

These maps are marked by free, forthright, and sincere expression.


These maps have also bled and cried.

These fading maps were drawn up by the determined starving,

and traveled centuries to rest on these tired bookshelves and cracked walls.


These maps have harbored injustices

but have also lead the discontented and downtrodden

to horizons distant.


These maps all point to true north

but don’t disregard true east,

true west,

and true south.

These directions long for your hand as much as I.


Whether by land,

by sea,

or by air,

peer out of your portholes

and erase the fences and gates.


This mighty Earth is for all to enjoy

for it knows not race,

knows not gender,

and nations are as unknown to it as we are to each other.


So travel true my thirsty comrades.

Make Uncle Walt proud.

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