What Revolution? (Part 2)

by Red Maistre on September 26, 2013

(Editors’ note: this the second article in a two-part series that examines the Syrian uprising. The first part, focusing on the rebel groups, can be read here).

The Inescapable Planetary Fault Line


When imperialism launches a war of aggression against such a country, all its various classes, except for some traitors, can temporarily unite in a national war against imperialism. At such a time, the contradiction between imperialism and the country concerned becomes the principal contradiction, while all the contradictions among the various classes within the country (including what was the principal contradiction, between the feudal system and the great masses of the people) are temporarily relegated to a secondary and subordinate position.
From  Section IV of ‘On Contradiction’  by Mao-Tse-Tung

States want independence, Nations want liberation, and Peoples want revolution.
Samir Amin

The war between the imperialists at one end and those who they have colonized or wish to colonize is an inescapable global contradiction which cuts across, without cancelling out, all other contradictions. Overcoming this global division is the sine non quo for the ultimate success of all other subaltern struggles. For imperialism, with its embargos, occupations, paramilitary goons and drones is not some sideshow to the capitalist system, nor is it an epiphenomenon that can be dealt with by simply focusing on class struggle. It is an essential component of the system itself, which creates the conditions for accumulation by continually refashioning the asymmetry between the dominated center and the periphery. By means of its imperialist rent, the world’s laboring classes are kept divided, as the workers of the core are given a material stake in the perpetuation of the system, which is in turn supplemented with ideologies of racism and chauvinism that justify their privileged position as being natural. Without the underdevelopment and pauperization caused by the imperialist division of global labor, capitalism would not have been able to develop – nor would it long survive without the foundation created by the recurrence of such processes at every stage of its history.

As long as a handful of countries, who are above all laws, can reduce with immunity millions of people to fatal destitution, level foreign cities with chemical weapons and collude in the overthrow and murder of non-white heads of state, there is no justice. Until living in dignity is no longer only a default European-American ruling class privilege which can be cancelled for everyone else by decree, arrogance will breed arrogance, perpetually elevating an alienated few who consider themselves judge, jury, and executioner to the barbarous rest. Until the chauvinistic wars of aggression that reproduce bigotry on world wide scale are ended, the oppression of racialized communities, even within the metropolitan center itself, will always be renewed. As long as all these interrelated forms of domination are not broken, the economic exploitation of the planet by a mionority within the core will never end, but be perpetuated, because its basis in the political rule of the most powerful of the global bourgeoisie will remain untouched. For their economic power must continually be backed up by their (perceived) ability to manage the world with relative ease and repress all anti-systemic movements that put that management in question.

For all these reasons, there have always been resistance movements among the laboring classes of proletarians, sub-proletarians, and peasants in the periphery, creating a continuous strain on the operation of the system. But imperialism is not just threatened solely by the discontent of the laboring classes but also by what would seem sometimes to be only a continuation of itself: the state-form and the peripheral bourgeois.

States, insofar as they are allowed to develop as states, and are not artificially impeded by occupation or a comprador political class, seek a monopoly of legitimate force within their area of jurisdiction; while the peripheral bourgeoisie, insofar as they seek to compete with the center, invest their capital in local development, challenging the global division of labor. Driven by these aspirations, the states and bourgeoisie of the periphery, with or without an alliance with the laboring classes, are driven into a confrontation with the core. If the bourgeoisie of a particular state becomes politically conscious of this struggle, that nation constitutes what is sometimes called a national-bourgeois state.

Confronted by dozens of (potential) national-bourgeois states, imperialism has three options: co-option, exclusion, and destruction. (The first two options can be mixed to differing degrees). All of these options, as is to be expected of capitalism, perpetuate, rather than solve, the systemic contradictions they are intended to address  .

To the extent that imperialism co-opts a state and makes it an effective sentry against the movements of its popular classes, and of non-compliant states, it must build it up as a  geopolitical actor in its own right. The hegemon must give the comprador state some weak form of recognition as a political entity if its to deal with it all as a partner. This dynamic can complicate, and even undermine, the dictates of the core. The more initiative a subordinate state is allowed to exercise, the greater the chance that its peculiar material and ideological interests will be promoted at the expense of the interests of the imperialist order as a whole  A state’s services to empire gives it a dangerous “diplomatic” immunity, while its insistence on its own domestic economic agendas increases the strain on managing the global capitalist system as whole.

To the extent that imperialism excludes a state, it encourages that state to side with anti-systemic movements (perhaps even consciously socialist ones) and ally itself with similarly marginalized nations. This creates the basis for anti-systemic blocs that demand the restructuring of the global division of labor and the political institutions that govern it. The larger, stronger, and more politically conscious these blocs become, the more viable an alternative to the status quo they will be, lessening both the moral authority and coercive power that the imperialist center can utilize.

Finally, unwilling or unable to use bribes, and tired of maintaining a state of siege, imperialism can decide to simply eliminate the bourgeois state in question. But within the global capitalist system, an area without a state is unacceptable (for commerce, and the maintenance of geopolitical order). The longer this situation exists in a given territory, crisis and instability will seep into other states, creating more headaches for imperialism. At the same time, the solution of direct annexation is politically both impossible in this “post-colonial” era and highly costly. So the same powers that destroyed a state are forced to rebuild a new one in its place, containing all the classes (bourgeois and laboring) that push towards a restructuring of the system. The cycle is restarted, and in exchange for a meager pause on one front, imperialism has sank considerable resources, increased chaos, and weakened its legitimacy at home and abroad. The better the fight given by the remnants of the vanquished national-bourgeois state, the worse for the occupiers (compare the Iraqi insurgency to the much feebler “Green Resistance” of Libya).

For these reasons, regardless of the individual outcome of their struggle, the peripheral bourgeoisie, in its confrontation with the hegemon “succeeds in making imperialism accept new forms of the international division of labor (Amin 2010, 93).”And over time, as the peripheral bourgeoisie inevitably increases in number and clout, the “new forms” that are imposed become increasingly restrictive for the core. This has been the long term trend since the end of WWII, even as the power of the United States has waxed and waned.

Thus, even when it wins, the imperialist power ultimately loses. Trying to kill its nascent grave diggers, the hegemon ends up only confirming its relative decline. But even though the paper tiger can only hasten its own immolation, it still manages to consume in the process irreplaceable resources and human beings that are not only valuable in of themselves, but which also could have helped move the world closer to a post-capitalist society. Precious time that may have been spent drawing humanity nearer to socialism is instead wasted with the futile wars of a declining power.

That is why solidarity should be extended to any and all peripheral states confronted by imperialism, even when their governments are bourgeois in character (and most of them, at this time in history, will be). To the extent that they survive and throwback the blows aimed at them, the weaker the imperialist system as whole becomes, and the greater the possibilities for emancipation and development that are created, and preserved, for everyone. Concretely establishing equality and the rule of law between nations grounds and furthers the demands of all other forms equality, not only by widening the circle of recognized humanity, but by establishing the conditions for peace and the ways of peace.

This is not to say that this struggle between the emerging bourgeoisie of the periphery and imperialism is more important than the contradiction between the bourgeoisie as a whole and the proletariat. But the one feeds and intensifies the other. The national bourgeoisies are historically the weak link in anti-systemic coalitions; but they are also, nevertheless, the weak link among the ruling classes of the world. Their advancement, “democratizing” the planetary distribution of capitalist power and eroding the racist rationales for inequality, ultimately strengthens the hand of the laboring classes.

Or to use the words of that noted Third-Worldist, Comrade Trotsky, speaking in a 1938 interview entitled “Anti-Imperialism is the Key to the Liberation”:

I will take the most simple and obvious example. In Brazil there now reigns a semifascist regime that every revolutionary can only view with hatred. Let us assume, however, that on the morrow England enters into a military conflict with Brazil. I ask you on whose side of the conflict will the working class be? I will answer for myself personally—in this case I will be on the side of “fascist” Brazil against “democratic” Great Britain. Why? Because in the conflict between them it will not be a question of democracy or fascism. If England should be victorious, she will put another fascist in Rio de Janeiro and will place double chains on Brazil. If Brazil on the contrary should be victorious, it will give a mighty impulse to national and democratic consciousness of the country and will lead to the overthrow of the Vargas dictatorship. The defeat of England will at the same time deliver a blow to British imperialism and will give an impulse to the revolutionary movement of the British proletariat. Truly, one must have an empty head to reduce world antagonisms and military conflicts to the struggle between fascism and democracy. Under all masks one must know how to distinguish exploiters, slave-owners, and robbers!

The Real Counter-Revolution

Bearing this in mind, it is clear that the counter-revolution at stake in Syria is not the alleged one of the regime (one can’t wage a counter-revolution against a revolution that does not exist). Rather, it is the struggle of imperialism and its allies against the regional forces that are resisting it by demanding a more equal place within the global system. The U.S., Europe, Israel, and the Gulf, are seeking, have always been seeking, to roll back the historical legacies of all anti-colonial and republican revolutions in MENA, both those of an Islamic and of a secular nationalist character. They want no strong states but themselves, in order that their authority can be wielded over all with greater ease. Whatever asserts collective economic or political rights over the market and the land inhibits the claims of capital, the building of bases, and, in the case of the Jewish state, territorial expansion. This is why the U.S. axis has always targeted, subverted, and defamed secular/multi-confessional movements and states. Whatever asserts transnational claims of shared culture/religion, or common struggle, and refused to be co-opted, must be broken, if U.S. hegemony is to have its way. For whatever promotes unity across communal lines threatens the division on which imperialism thrives. To the extant the peoples of MENA see themselves as co-religionists, as citizens, as human beings with shared hopes (and oppressors), the less inclined they will be to call in the U.S. to settle their internal differences.

Any strong polities not ruled by God’s anointed King are an implicit challenge to all neighboring royalty, particularly when such states were established through the forceful overthrow of a monarch .In Syria, sovereignty lies in the nation under all of its post-independence constitutions, not the Quran or its providentially chosen enforcers, as it is in Saudi Arabia: an ideological-legal difference with huge social implications. For that matter, an Islamic Republic is still a republic, a galling fact to those who still rule in the 21th century in the name of personal divine right.

Nor can any political body which makes untimely affirmations regarding the collective claims of those who lived before the colonizers can be in the end tolerated by those who wish to bury the memory of the robberies under comprador recipes for development and one sided treaties. For Zionism will only be at peace when it has successfully isolated the demands and identity of the Palestinians from the aspirations of their neighbors.

For that matter, a global hegemon will never feel comfortable with a state that insists on being “a ‘strong nation’, one whose major components, if not all, of both popular classes and ruling classes, do not accept the integration of their country into the globalized system in a dominated position.” Nations with a too lively sense of amour-propre make bad vassals. Only so many components of the system can be permitted to have undisturbed fantasies of historic destiny.

Western leftists seem to suffer from amnesia about such antagonisms. Ending royalism, pacifying religious sectarianism, asserting economic sovereignty, or fighting colonialism seems passé for them, so they project this irrelevance onto the much longer timetables of history. Thus, when an uprising in the Global South occurs, they think of it as a straightforward opposition between the “revolution” and the ancien regime, when the “ancien regime” being opposed is, to its deadly rivals, still a band of godless usurpers/revolutionary fanatics, whose mere existence, let alone policies, are stings to those powers who want no competitor to their ersatz, Anglo-constructed medievalism, or the orientalist mythology of their settler Volk. However corrupt they may become, the children of a revolution are still terrifying enough to those rulers who nostalgically dream of an annihilating Restoration. A Bonaparte will always remain a Robespierre à cheval to unreconstructed Tsardom and the Castelreaghs of every age.

That is why, in the last 40 years, the U.S. axis has focused on sweeping away the declining camp of PostNasser PanArab secular nationalism and containing the post-1979 Shia political awakening centered in Iran and Lebanon. Only these two political configurations have proved to be intractable to the full implementation of Washington’s decrees, and have continued to project a vision of a MENA without kings, without Zionism, and above all, without U.S. hegemony. For these reasons, the two states in the Middle East who are presently highest on the imperial hit list are the Syrian Arab Republic and the Islamic Republic of Iran. The former is the only remnant of the Arab mid-century anti-colonial movements still standing, while the latter is the seat of the last successful bourgeois revolution in MENA, successful partly because it made the imperialist regional regime a primary issue.

In the context of the Syrian crisis, two groups can be said to have grasped these counter-revolutionary challenges from the perspective of a revolutionary project, though thrown into the fray from different directions: The PYD and Hezbollah.

A Neglected Capstone: The Syrian Kurds

Regrettably, all those projects to solve the Kurdish issue that have been proposed by  the opposition, which presents itself as an alternative political force, are similar to those projects proposed by the incumbent regime. Some believe that the Kurdish question would be resolved through regime change as part of the democratisation process. They, therefore, do not consider the Kurdish question worth mentioning at this stage. Others look at the Kurdish issue as secondary and as an ethnic issue that could be solved by giving the Kurds some basic rights. However, they neither consider it a national nor a social issue.
From The Project of Democratic Self Government in Western Kurdistan

If anyone has the right to resent the regime, the Syrian Kurds do. Prior to the reforms of April 2011, around 300,000 Syrian Kurds were without citizenship, the lasting effect of the infamous 1962 census,which left 20% of the Kurdish population legally stateless. The Kurds have been robbed of their land and resources for decades to serve a multitude of commercial, security, and political initiatives. Their culture and language has been suppressed in the name of Arabization, the erasure of their existence as a people being the aim tended towards by the post-Mandate governments. The PYD makes no secret of its loathing for the Baath party and the Syrian state it has shaped, even comparing their treatment of the Kurds to the genocidal Zionist oppression of the Palestinian people. Yet this PKK connected group that has effectively liberated the Kurdish region refrains from aiding the other armed rebels, even though an intervention by its 30,000 fighters could be major boost to the insurgency, and a great help to any future American invasion (as the role of the Iraqi Kurds in Gulf War II demonstrated). To the contrary, it has sought dialogue and an uneasy truce with the government in Damascus, and recently talked about co-operating diplomatically and politically with Tehran against the takfiri (Tehran, for its part, has recognized the Kurds right to run a “civil transitional administration” for the duration of the conflict).

The answer to this apparent paradox lies in the political vision of democratic confederalism flowing from the PKK that guides the PYD. Formerly, the PKK aspired to create a separate Kurdish state. But the massive material difficulties facing such a goal, including the imprisonment of their leader, Ocalan, forced an ideological rethinking of the problem of securing national emancipation. According to this more recent analysis, the nation-state is itself an oppressive form that was imposed on the Middle East by imperialism, distorting the complex diversity of peoples living there, encouraging ethnic and religious violence:

As for the Middle East, this nation-state project – based on the mentality of tyranny and domination – was not consistent with the nature, history, heritage, cultural diversity and historical harmony of the region. Hence, it created animosities among nations according to the colonial principle of “divide and rule”. In addition, the nation-state project produced alien, nationalist and racist institutions hostile to both the culture of peaceful coexistence between the various components in society and the culture of social democracy that had developed in the region twelve thousand years ago after the Neolithic Revolution (i.e. the pre-state period)
(“The Project for Democratic Self Governance in West Kurdistan,”PYD, last accessed September 8, 2013 (http://www.pydrojava.net/en/index.php?view=article&catid=39%3Adocument&id=84%3Aa-project-for-democratic-self-governance-in-western-kurdistan&format=pdf&option=com_content&Itemid=54).

To seek to create an entirely new mono-ethnic state would only exasperate the problem of enmity among the peoples of MENA and further the economic and political forces with oppress everyone who lives there. Now the PKK and its affiliates wish to secure national autonomy within the states in which the Kurds are scattered. They do not view their task simply as the one-sided building up of their nation into a nation-state among others, but as a reconstruction of the regional state system as a whole on a more democratic basis, in the sense of one that would recognize the rights of all communities within their borders as opposed to seeking to create an even more Balkanized collection of mono-ethnic or religious entity.  While the other opposition factions, and their Western supporters, seem to be indifferent to the prospect of regional disintegration their “revolution” is bringing, the Kurdish faction factor how to avoid that outcome into their overall strategy.

Nor does the PYD wish to destroy the state: “According to the principle of democratic solution, the elimination of the state in the name of democracy is not permissible.” For without the existence of a state, there would be no structure capable of holding under one roof the various communal groups. A neutral and desacralized social macrostructure is necessary for the heterogeneity of communities to safely live together:

We must rely on the principle of the common homeland as the basis of the democratic solution because the true concept of a homeland is the one that is made up of citizens belonging to different ethnic, cultural, religious and linguistic groups, and not simply citizens who belong to a single religious, ethnic and linguistic group. Only then can brotherhood and voluntary unionism be achieved.
(“The Project for Democratic Self Governance in West Kurdistan”).

Finally, the PYD remain staunchly opposed to imperialism, not only as a past evil which created the present state system, but as an all-too-present form of domination that ideologically and materially frustrates the overcoming of the nation state:

The new form of imperialism, which collaborates with local dictatorships, complicates the democratisation process. Therefore, any resistance against that is democratic by nature.
(“The Project for Democratic Self Governance in West Kurdistan”).

That last sentence perhaps goes towards explaining the willingness of the PYD to be cordial with Tehran and Damascus as forces that, though oppressive to the Kurds, act as restraints on the Western powers.

Following these three imperatives – disestablishment of the nation-state, building a common homeland, and keeping the empire at bay – the PYD have taken a third way that steers itself independently of both the regime and the opposition. They have unambiguously asserted their autonomy from Damascus, their willingness to fight its armies if they have to, and a desire to participate in any political solution that will result in Assad stepping down. At the same time, they do not place the primary contradiction between themselves and the current Syrian regime. The PYD refuses to conspire with groups which aim at best to replace the Ba’athist Arab hegemony with an Islamist Arab one, at worse to fragment the country on confessional and ethnic lines, as mini-protectorates of the U.S. axis. Beyond the destruction of Syria, they see the beginning of new cycles of inter-sectarian war that threaten to further perpetuate the racism of the old order. By not encouraging the process towards disintegration, by remaining a relatively neutral pillar between the two main camps, they stay faithful to their vision of the Kurdish community as the necessary basis for the transformation of Syria into a state that is united, not by religion or chauvinism, but by the free existence of all its different parts. By being a force for stability, they are positioning themselves to better serve a long term regional revolution.

Towards “The International Front of the Disinherited”

We implore the disinherited throughout the world to constitute an international front that unites all their liberation movements. They would thereby be able to co-ordinate their efforts globally, to make their movements effective and to concentrate on their enemies weaknesses. If all the nations and regimes of the colonial world are today at war on the disinherited, it is up to the disinherited to come together and confront the manichations of the force of imperialism in the world.
From “Open Letter” issued February 18, 1985 (Avon and Khatchadou 2012, 116).

From a quite different direction than the Kurds, Hezbollah has come to similar conclusions about the dynamics of the region and the political solution to them. Similar to the marginalized Syrian Kurds, Hezbollah arose from a group – the lower class Shia of Southern Lebanon – who for a long timed lacked a political existence within their own country, weighed down by a confessional state that privileged the Francophone Maronite strata, an absentee Shia landlord elite, and a quietist clergy. “The Party of God” began as one Shia group among several competing for support of their religious community while fighting rival Lebanese factions and the Israelis in the bitter context of civil war. Their initial vision was strongly sectarian, advocating the building of a Shia Islamic Republic in place of the multi-confessional Lebanese state under the spiritual authority of the wali al-faqih (Guardianship of the Islamic Jurists) vested in the Iranian Ayatollah. But even then, as the above quotation from their first official public document above shows, it was an Islamism that had strong universalist and egalitarian qualities. Hezbollah was already making appeals for solidarity to the non-Muslims of the world and of Lebanon in particular:

Your dreams do not originate in Islam…This in no way prevents us from aiding one another to realize these objectives. In fact we sense that the reasons that motivate from the standpoint of combat are fundamentally Muslim grounds; they have their source in the injustice and humiliation to which the despots subject you. (Ibid, 106).

After 30 years of struggle and increasing political participation within the Lebanese state, the tendencies towards cross-confessional co-operation have been encouraged, while the vision of an Iranian style state, though remaining an ideological ideal of the party, has been quietly sidelined politically in favor of more pluralistic models that reflect the realities of Lebanon and the surrounding region. Hezbollah’s unprecedentedly successful struggle against Zionist occupation was and remains a jihad on behalf of the ummah, but it also has come to be clearly defined as a national liberation war defending the territory, sovereignty, and honor of all Lebanese. The landmarks for this development away from Khomeinism include the party’s decision to enter electoral politics in 1992; the historic 2006 Memorandum of Understanding between the largest of the Maronite Christian parties, the Free Patriotic Movement, and Hezbollah, signed, significantly, within St. Michael’s Church in Shiah; and their 2009 political charter, which emphasizes the integration of all peoples within Lebanon while more exclusively Shia Islamic themes are downplayed. As the Sheik Quabalan, vice chair of Lebanon’s Supreme Islamic Shiite Council put it:

We [supporters of Hezbollah] are not hiding anything. We love Iran, but the wali al-faqih cannot be applied to Lebanon, and that is why we want everyone to understand us well: we are in Lebanon, condemned to get along with one another, to work as partners, to remain open to others (Ibid. 147).

Or as a pragmatic ex-CIA agent more bluntly summed up the post-sectarian role of Hezbollah in 2007:

We’ve got Sunni Arabs preparing for cataclysmic conflict, and we will need somebody to protect the Christians in Lebanon. It used to be the French and the United States who would do it, and now it’s going to be Nasrallah and the Shiites.

At the same time, this process of Lebanonization has not made Hezbollah insular and narrowly nationalist in its concerns. It has remained unambiguous in its commitment to “the ever widening path of Resistance and refusal” against the U.S., the frontline of which is the war to liberate Palestine from Zionism, but whose boundaries are global in scope. Significantly, it defines the violence of the United States as not being solely a problem for Islam (let alone just for members of their own sect), but as a problem for humanity as a whole. The economic exploitation and political humiliation of the mustakbirun (imperialists, arrogant ones, oppressors) has been felt throughout the world. The solution is a solidarity between the disinherited which is similarly global. Which means Hezbollah sees allies and fellow spirits in distant societies culturally alien to their own, notably in the “efforts toward independence and rejection of hegemony, in the countries of Latin America…The conjunction of that experience with our own constitutes a promising reason for hope at the global level, based on a universal human identity and a shared political and moral backdrop (Ibid, 140).”

Following from this, Hezbollah views part of its mission as overcoming the multiple sources of fitna (discord) that enable MENA to be laid waste by imperialism and its subordinates:

Thus the sectarian dissensions and community tensions fabricated from whole cloth, particularly between Sunnis and Shiites; the invention of ethnic disagreements between Kurds, Turkomans, and Arabs, Iranians and Arabs; the intimidation and terrorizing of minorities; the constant hemorrhaging of Christians from the Arab East, especially Palestine and Iraq even more than from Lebanon – all this threatens the cohesion of our society, reduces its immunity, and increases the impediments to its awakening and evolution

Religious and ethnic diversity represents a source of wealth and social vitality; instead it has been misused, employed as a factor for fragmentation, dissension, and societal collapse.

The situation resulting from the misuse was caused by a convergence between premeditated Western policies (America in particular), and fanatical and irresponsible practices and conceptions internal [to the Arab and Muslim world], combined with an unstable political environment (Ibid, 137).

The solution is not the affirmation of one ethnic/religious identity (even a Pan-Shia one!), the imposition of one mono-hegemony in place of another, for the roots of the problem is emphatically not diversity itself. The solution is combatting the divide and rule policies of the external powers, and ruinous zealotry within the Middle East. Certainly not the prescription of narrow sectarians! And how can the overcoming of fitna be done, on the plane of ideology? By returning again and again to the call to the Resistance. Within the struggle to secure collective independence and dignity, the interminable internal rivalries of creed, race, and tribe can be transcended.

If is from this perspective that we should understand the intervention of Hezbollah into Syria. Obviously there is the (sometimes conflictual) relationship of alliance between Hezbollah and Damascus, and between both in Tehran, against the U.S. axis. If one of their members is destroyed, the others will be weakened, and the power of Washington, Zionism, and the Gulf will be increased. But the intervention is also an attempt to stop the spreading across the region of  a renewed sectarianism, which will not only enable foreign aggression, but is a blight upon the long term possibilities for peace, prosperity, and happiness inside MENA itself. Hence the efforts of the organization to avoid framing the conflict as war along religious lines, and to redirect attention to the primary fault line between the colonized and the colonizers in the Middle East: Palestine. Formed in the cataclysm of the Lebanese civil war, which combined internecine bloodshed with the scandal of occupation, Hezbollah is acting to arrest the unfolding of a similar disaster within its neighbor, knowing that their own country’s fragile equilibrium, like that of region itself, depends on it.

Convergence within Contradiction

The PYD and Hezbollah are very different groups. The former has been primarily formed by Marxist and Post-Marxist secular leftist traditions, while the latter draws its influence unabashedly from the Shia republicanism of Iran. While Hezbollah is trying to further the tattered banner of Pan-Arabism, PYD views that ideology as being complicit in the oppression of the Kurdish people. The de facto rulers of West Kurdistan want federalism as the only way to protect minority rights, while the Lebanese resistance insists on a centralized state within their own country as being the only basis for survival from foreign attack and confessional infighing.

Yet both the Kurdish revolutionary movement and the Shia party-militia have realized, independently from each other, that the homogeneous and self-enclosed nation-state is inadequate for the advancement of a diverse region that is under severe assault from imperialism from all directions. At the same time, neither group simply negates the state. Rather, they seek to overcome its inadequacies by promoting greater pluralism in the state’s social base, and strengthening regional ties around transnational goals and ideals. The way, they realize, towards regional unity lies in recognizing the existence of communal differences without seeking to absolutize or negate them. One expresses this by an intervention on the side of the embattled Baathist government, the other by refraining, to the best of its ability, from the civil war altogether. But within the broad picture of the conflict, the strategies are complementary, reflecting the relationship of the two group to the primary contradiction between imperialism and the colonized. Together, they offer the hopeful sight of a regional convergence of minorities who have been compelled to think and act in the general interest.

The political thinking and conclusions of Hezbollah and the PYD  are, ironically, much more materialist than the Western leftists in their handling of Syria, if by materialist is meant understanding the clashing social forces that drives history, rather than pining for the unfolding of an abstract notion of how change is supposed to take place. This is so despite, (or perhaps, because of) these parties being based in a very particular historical communities, whose sense of belonging is rooted in ethnic, national, and/or religious identity. They are forced by their circumstances to think clearly the question of whose interests are stake at every conjecture. At the same time, obliged to struggle towards recognition from a position of oppressed obscurity, both groups realize how their own narrow interests coincide with the shared interests of all. In seeking national liberation, their patriotism to, use Mao’s words, becomes “applied internationalism.” They can’t raise themselves up without trying to raise others up too. By working through their historical finitude, they establish the condition for arriving at a concrete universality.

Both groups have followed in their deeds, if not consciously, the truth enunciated by Walter Benjamin that “that revolutions are the act by which the human race traveling in the train applies the emergency brake”. Revolutionary transformation occurs not by feeding the “creative destruction” characteristic to capitalism, but by knowing when and how to strategically arrest it. Mere affirmation of change is part of the eternal return of the system, with unremembered novelty incessantly replacing unremembered novelty. But to make a strong “No” at any definite, territorialized point, is the terror of a world order that predicates itself on a selective blindness towards limit. From the path of refusal comes the basis for the arrival of the radically new.

To place the decisive political divide between those who resist and those who oppress; to seek to expand, rather than contract the boundaries of the political community; to resist the United States as the central spoke in the system of manufactured division and war; to preserve states and avoid fragmentation; these, in the present context of MENA, are revolutionary acts. To the extent they are effective, the colonial order and its local pillars will be weakened, and the forces of emancipation will develop.

There is much (to say the least) that an anti-capitalist critique could say about the inadequacies of the Resistance project represented by Hezbollah, on the issue of ensuring socialization of the means of production, for instance, or the advancement of women. One also can criticize the PKK/PYD, for watering down the content of its original socialist commitment. But that would be superfluous for showing that these movements are far more substantial than what is being called a “revolution” in Syria. That in fact, the “revolution” in Syria points towards the undoing of the work of prior revolutions, and the razing of the conditions for future ones.

Conclusion: A Fire from Heaven or the World’s Leven?

As the time approached for him to be taken up to heaven, Jesus resolutely set out for Jerusalem. And he sent messengers on ahead, who went into a Samaritan village to get things ready for him; but the people there did not welcome him, because he was heading for Jerusalem. When the disciples James and John saw this, they asked, “Lord, do you want us to call fire down from heaven to destroy them?” But Jesus turned and rebuked them. Then he and his disciples went to another village.
(Luke 9: 51-55)

Behind the perverse insistence by many Western leftists on finding a Syrian revolution, despite the weight of counter-evidence, can be located an impatient despair. There is frustration, perhaps vindictiveness, in this perverse idealism, a wish for destruction on the world for having rejected “our” modernity. For certain disappointed sects of Western radicalism, the Global South, even more than the First World, has remained too tied to its nationalities, to its creeds, to its wealth, to its states, to all its irksome mere particularities. The visions of Marx, of 19th century progress, of the “classic ” proletarian revolution of 1917, and the left-libertarian carnival of 1968,  have been put on a hold, perhaps cancelled, and not even a world economic crisis seems sufficient to revive them. Thus they wish, they demand, that far off peoples suffer permanent (pseudo) revolutions with no real aim or end, even if imperialism triumphs, because, just maybe, at the end there will a clear space for political projects more to their liking. On the blank slates of these media savvy “revolutionaries”, the ideal revolt that modernity has promised, but never quite delivered, can be projected. Side-by-side with this melancholic wishful thinking, there lies the arrogant conviction that history is on “our” side. Whatever destruction is inflicted, progress is inevitable. The utopic visions of this alienated left converge with the bloody nihilism of an aging imperialist civilization that also wants to relive its youth in murky adventures on the frontieres.

Against this it must be affirmed that anti-capitalist critique should not be an abstract negation of an obstinate reality, but a leaven to keep what is already good from perishing. The building of socialism is for the further advancement of human flourishing and its necessary conditions, not vice versa. Further, it must be always be remembered that the boundaries of what has value do not begin or end within the fairly small and scattered communities of the global left. That in fact, the project for a non-capitalist society would be incoherent if the desire for peace, equality, freedom, and recognition were not already at work in societies around the world. Socialism is not a willful imposition on a destroyed nature, but a supplement to the already existing longing for the commons, a longing that long preceded the theories of Marx and Bakunin. Whatever encourages that longing  ultimately prepares the ground for the realization of socialism itself. Further, socialism is not something that comes ex-nihilo but depends on the continued fulfillment of many factors-development of the means of productions in the periphery, the overcoming of communal division , the development of functional states, etc. This entails being open to the possibility that movements and states of a non-socialist character may have a positive role to play, particularly the further removed they are from the global core. Here lies a positive meaning for that slogan “Not everything which moves is red.”

In the arena of theory, this means avoiding any tendency which considers truth and meaningful historical struggle to being the monopoly of a small sect of the right thinking remnant of this or that now defeated modernist movement. Particularly when such a view perpetuates, in lilliputian form, the colonial demarcation of the world into the realm of already achieved civilization and the outer dark lands who can only be recognized to contribute when they can successfully imitate the reified canons of enlightened progress. Under the shadow of such prejudices, universality and freedom in relation to history becomes shadowy ghouls, waiting for some cataclysm of just the right type to effect their rebirth. Against this narrowness, a thought must be affirmed that is willing to embrace, if with discrimination, the flawed heterogeneity of actually existing history.

Does that mean an uncritical populism should be encouraged? No, socialism, as a theory and a practice, should not simply fuse itself within the multitude of local projects. Rather, it’s adherents should view themselves as a distinct faction, working among the communities and projects they find themselves embedded in. Only by being a participant can the abstract forms of critique find content and purpose. At the same time, to simply dissolve within the particularities, would do violence to the specific emancipatory possibilities that each situation points towards as it seeks to realize itself. Through a local fidelity, ideas are given matter and contingencies are made to realize their latent universal implications.

The Apocalyptic in history is both inevitable and facile; it will manifest itself whether we will it or not. It requires no great fortitude to will destruction, particularly for those condemned to be spectators. It it of those who patiently build up, who quietly clear away walls, and set a canopy over the ruins that it can be said:

– in the twilight laden with acrid smell

you bear a lineage of permanence, a thread

of hard harshness.


Badiou, Alain. Badiou:Infinite Thought. Translated and Edited by Oliver Feltham and Justin Clemen: Continuum Impacts, 2005.

Amin, Samin. The Law of Worldwide Value. Translated by Brian Pearce and Shane MageNew York: Monthly Review Press, 2010.

Avon, Dominique  and Anas-Trissa Khatchadourian. Hezbollah: A History of the Party of God. Translated by Jane Marie Todd. Cambridge: Harvard University Press,2012.

Neruda, Pablo. The Poetry of Pablo Nerudu. Edited by Ilan Stavans. New York: Farrar, Strauss, and Giroux, 2003.

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Christian September 26, 2013 at 10:13 pm

“Against this it must be affirmed that anti-capitalist critique should not be an abstract negation of an obstinate reality,”

Can some one tell me what this means?

The hyper theoretical langauge is as off putting as it is redundant. Who is supposed to be able to read and understand this article? It’s thesis, if I can extract one from it, is that Hezzbollah should be supported in Syria as it supports a dictatorship to unleash a military against a pro- democracy movement. I don’t care how many times someone uses the word ‘imperialism” in a paragraph, that still doesn’t make sense. Neither is it accurate or helpful to call brazil semi “fascist”. This article is all incoherent phrase mongering and dictator worship. I don’t think it belongs on this site an I wonder what merits of it can the editors cite for their decision to publish it?


Père Naphtha September 27, 2013 at 12:01 am

1) The phrase “semi fascist” is not mine, its Trotsky’s. it’s appropriateness as a word to describe 1930s Brazil is secondary to his point regarding a confrontation between a dictatorship on the periphery and imperialist “democracy”

2) The sentence you are confused about can be explained as: Don’t nihilistically wish the destruction of entire societies just because they do not fit how you think political development should unfold. Do not say what exists has no value, then ascribe an inestimable value to merely formal concepts. To do the opposite is not to be more principled, it is setting yourself up to be used for the aims of someone else’s project. Idealistic revenge against the world will always have a quite mundane conclusion: the continuance of the same, in ignorance of itself. Concrete change, in contrast, builds off the forces of necessity.

3) what do you think about the PYD, and their perspective on the conflict , which is also discussed in the article, along side Hezbollah?

4) Its a “pro-democracy” movement that openly lobbies for US military strikes, receives arms from the Gulf and Ankara, and has increasingly visible sectarian elements (which it always had). A “democracy” movement that does not have any social program for the workers and peasants of Syria, but will, if successful, break down all existing public control of the economy as the opposition returns the favor to its several foreign patrons. The democracy it seeks is the catch all cant term for the agendas of competing comprador factions, some more Islamist or liberal than others, but all of which are fundamentally bourgeois in political outlook. No one is obligated to support such a mess.
5) What do you think of the theory of imperialism presented in this article? On what point do you disagree with it?


akaBrian_S September 27, 2013 at 3:41 pm

Back to the fray after a short hiatus: have had to revise my screen name in line with new NS log-in process: hope the continuity is clear. Regarding the Trotsky quote, I don’t think this is Trotsky expressing himself at best – and he’s clearly envisioning a quite different situation. But Red has left out a further important part of Trotsky’s statement: “If Brazil on the contrary should be victorious, it will give a mighty
impulse to national and democratic consciousness of the country and will
lead to the overthrow of the Vargas dictatorship.” Now, does Red (or anyone) really think that a victory for the Asad regime is going to give an impulse to the democratic forces in Syria? And if it does at some time in the future, and another democratic movement against the regime spring up what side will Red be on then?


Père Naphtha September 29, 2013 at 12:36 am

Forgot about this comment:

1)The phrase you mention is not left out at all. Whether Assad himself will rule or not in the long term is not something I care to speculate on.perhaps because I don’t consider that to be the all important issue regarding Syria at all.
2) Any Victory against imperialism is itself democratic, by weakening the global racist dictatorship of the core over the rest, and in doing so, providing conditions for emancipatory struggle on other fronts.
3) Uprisings can only justify themselves as actually revolutionary post-factum, in their unfolding. So I can’t commit to supporting (or opposing) any merely hypothetical future opposition movements against the Syrian government.


Harriet Logan September 26, 2013 at 9:21 pm

Christian, why are you asking The North Star to censor what you can be able to read here?

‘This article is all incoherent phrase mongering and dictator worship. I don’t think it belongs on this site an I wonder what merits of it can the editors cite for their decision to publish it?’

Besides, I saw no ‘dictator worship’ of Assad at all. Even so, you trying to censor other opinions from your own is pretty reprehensible imo.


William C Crain September 27, 2013 at 8:08 am

i’m unaware of the meaning multi “confessional” movement, otherwise a simple situation made complex thru devisive devisiveness of the Imperialist regimes. i get it.


akaBrian_S September 27, 2013 at 4:20 pm

Harriet -I don’t see any “dictatorship worship” : but there is certainly considerable ambiguity in Red’s atittude to the Asad regime. I seem to recall over on Part I in a reply to me he made some statement about Asad’s “legal right to put down an insurrection” or something similar. I can’t find it there now, so perhaps I imagined it. But regardless, I think it would be useful if Red clarified his views on Asad’ military and security operations against his people over the last 20 months.


JC Penney September 27, 2013 at 5:13 pm

Useful in what way? If I’m honest, this strikes me as an invitation for RM to poison his own well.


akaBrian_S September 27, 2013 at 6:07 pm

I’m just asking for everyone to be honest here. RM has asked me to clarify my views previously, I’m just expecting reciprocity.


Père Naphtha September 27, 2013 at 5:24 pm

What ambiguity would you want me to clarify regarding the Syrian state and its military operations?


akaBrian_S September 27, 2013 at 6:05 pm

To what extent do you endorse them? Did you say something like I claimed, or is that just my imagination?


Père Naphtha September 27, 2013 at 9:51 pm

I support them against the regional counter-revolution of the U.S. axis and the domestic insurrection which is its proxy. I don’t endorse all its policies–as my positive representation of the Kurdish struggle alone should indicate.

I will say that the Syrian state has the right, like all states, to put down armed rebellions against itself. For there is no right to revolution as such. It is a very contradictory notion, to attribute a universal lawful character to the negation of the law. No institution could function if its rules could be arbitrarily broken at any time, let alone if its existence could be challenged by any group bearing arms. Whether an uprising is nevertheless in the right despite breaking the formal law depends on whether it is a rebellion of those driven by “right of necessity” to achieve certain goods required for proper human flourishing which are denied them under the status quo, or whether it in fact a willful pursuit by some of merely private and predatory interests, however well intentioned or dressed up in the language of freedom it may be. Is it a rebellion of slaves or barons, in other words. The former, which we can call a revolution in the proper sense, indeed has superior rights over the state, while the latter can and must be repressed.

Deciding whether any given uprising is in fact one or the other phenomena must be decided on a case by case basis. A revolution is its own index. I have presented my argument in the piece why I think the Syrian “revolution”, as it has unfolded, is, despite some plebeian members in its base, an assault by several comprador and/or sectarian factions against the Syrian state, in league with certain well known foreign interests. The revolt of the Kurds, on the other hand, arising from a subaltern position of radical exclusion from the Arabist social order, bears the mark of a revolution driven and justified by necessity. And because of the PYD’s care in choosing their friends, it has remained so.


akaBrian_S September 27, 2013 at 10:30 pm

OK: but you have expressed a concern with international law in the past, and there are laws pertaining to non-international armed conflict which the Syrian regime has been found to have broken flagrantly, indeed to have committed “crimes against humanity”, is that not a concern for you?


Père Naphtha September 28, 2013 at 12:16 am

If laws between nations are not observed, international law devolves into the law of force. In other words, no law at all. So I can’t acknowledge anyone to act as the self made enforcer of international norms within the domestic conflicts of countries not their own. The stronger countries will always be better able to interpret and prosecute the statutes in their favor than weak ones.

One can’t fix the law by inviting well armed and known criminals to act as the unaccountable judges, though certain defenders of the Syrian revolt think otherwise.

This is what you mean by “concern”, no?


Pavel Dubrovsky September 27, 2013 at 8:04 pm

Brian S, when we exported comments from the old WP commenting system to Disqus we got notification that a few hundred (out of tens of thousands) failed to import properly. I’m re-running the export so if anything from that thread was lost hopefully it should re-appear. This might take an hour or two.


akaBrian_S September 27, 2013 at 8:13 pm

Thanks for letting me know – I’ve been puzzled by this.


Harriet Logan September 28, 2013 at 2:20 am

I think that the Syrian government has the right to defend Syria from foreign financed terrorism, Brian. Is that ambiguous to you? However, the Syrian government itself has also been guilty of some acts of terrorism as well. Am I being too ambiguous here for you now? Do I need to be more Black and White for you instead?

What I am Black and White about, is that I think that the US military has no right to be attacking other countries in any way shape or form. Are you ambiguous about supporting that position, Brian?


Ken Morgan September 27, 2013 at 11:20 pm

“I will say that the Syrian state has the right, like all states, to put down armed rebellions against itself. For there is no right to revolution as such”-Pere Naptha
Are you saying that people suffering repression need to just shut up and do what they’re told? Sounds like it.
Editors, why are you limiting this discussion to only: support of US military intervention in Syria, or Opposing US military intervention while supporting Assad?
How about an article or two representing those of us who oppose Assad and the US military in Syria?


Pavel Dubrovsky September 27, 2013 at 11:27 pm

Matthijs Krul’s article and Richard Seymour’s piece both took up the position you describe. We felt it was also important to publish the anti-imperialist case as well, since it had never been fairly made here before, which does not equal the caricature of’supporting Assad’.


Père Naphtha September 28, 2013 at 12:45 am

No. People who suffer exploitation and oppression will always be driven to struggle, no matter what anyone says. But not all revolts need to be accepted as revolutions. Nor is all repression illegitimate. Those who suffer the most grievous want, unfortunately, are not the one’s whose demands or leadership define what commonly passes for heroic contemporary struggles for democracy and freedom. Keeping empire’s liberals and religious sectarians, the one’s who ended up leading the way in Syria’s uprising, at bay by force is nothing to ashamed of.

I say: It is right to reject fake revolutionaries.

However it is unfair to infer that I support repression in general, or in Syria in particular. I acknowledge the existence of potentially revolutionary elements in the initial uprising in the first part of this article, albeit ones that were soon were sidelined. And in the second part, I acknowledge the suffering of the Kurdish population under the Ba’ath and praise their national struggle as revolutionary.


akaBrian_S September 28, 2013 at 11:37 am

Red: I’m trying to put together a general, but brief and focused, response to your pieces but I am having trouble reconciling some of your statements. For example, in the first part you seemed to be labelling the LCCs (and democracy activists in general) as agents of US imperialism; here you appear to characterise them as “potentially revolutionary elements”. Can you clarify? And at what point did they lose this potential?


Père Naphtha September 28, 2013 at 3:06 pm

I never said anything about the “LCCs” being themselves being potentially revolutionary elements, though they may have, as organizational units, in the early months “captured” some elements that were. Please look again at the section entitled “The Beginning was never as innocent as it is now Remembered.”


akaBrian_S September 28, 2013 at 3:18 pm

Will do.


Harriet Logan September 28, 2013 at 4:50 am

Has anybody actually been doing this, Ken? I don’t think anybody here ‘supports Assad’ any more than anybody here supported Saddam Hussein or currently supports the current government of Iran. So why are you accusing other commentators here at TNS of doing this? It is really a lie.

‘Editors, why are you limiting this discussion to only: support of US military intervention in Syria, or Opposing US military intervention while supporting Assad?’

I believe accusing people in this manner in such a false manner is akin to how the Right Wing imperialist supporters FALSELY accused Leftists of supporting Saddam Hussein when we opposed the various US wars that eventually culminated in the occupation of Iraq and the murder of millions of Iraqis. Why are some Leftists making accusations against other Leftists in such like manner to this Right Winger line of illogic? All of us think of Assad as being a rather murderous dictator. However, that is not to say we should all play ‘neutral’ when the US and European and Arab gangster states, supported by imperialism, all gang up to overthrow Assad the Thug for their varying reasons. That is not supporting revolution but is merely supporting imperialism.


akaBrian_S September 28, 2013 at 11:27 am

Harriet – I have been asking people here to clarify their positions
(to your annoyance it seems) precisely because I want to avoid false
polemics – ie accusing people of holding views they don’t have. If I
understand your statement it is that you don’t support
Asad but you do oppose any moves by external actors to support the
opposition to Asad. But you go further and say “I think
that the Syrian government has the right to defend Syria from foreign
financed terrorism” (a view similar to Red’s) That of course is the
regime’s label for the whole opposition, from the day the peaceful
protests started in 2011. I accept that you acknowledge that the
Syrian government itself has also been guilty of “some acts of terrorism”
(although “some” seems a bit of an understatement for c.56
000 civilian deaths; and poses the question who is going to defend
Syria against Asad’s terrorism?)To make my position clear – I
support the struggle of the anti-Asad opposition to overthrow this
brutal regime and accept their need to take assistance to counterbalance
the regime’s (foreign supported) killing machine wherever they can find it.


Harriet Logan September 28, 2013 at 12:34 pm

Yes, I do not support Assad’s internal political policies because his regime acts often in tyrannical manner. You on the other hand support the imperialist foreigners who want to overthrow his regime, and you are a foreigner and not a Syrian yourself. To be blunt, I think that you and others of like mind know basically squidley poop about the ME area or the country of Syria itself, Brian. Yet you want to be ‘deciders’, too, don’t you, in a civil war setting that imperialist countries are fomenting?

You raise the issue of Assad’s regime being militarily supplied and politically supported by other countries and equate that to the military support and political support that imperialist countries supply the opposition to Assad with. Let me ask you though… Do you really think that Russia supplies Assad’s regime in Syria as an imperialist player in the Middle East? I don’t think that at all, so why equate this support with the support that is made by imperialists to much of the opposition to Assad?

You want to pass blame in equal measures, but has Russia really been anywhere like an equal imperialist power here? Is its role in Syria equal to the role historically played by nearby Israel, or the US, France, and Britain? Is it akin to the role they are now playing in the region? Did Russia invade Lebanon or Iraq? Has Russia occupied other countries like the imperialist countries do repeatedly? Is Russia tearing up Libya or Somalia, say, by fomenting wars and sectarian strife in those places? Is Russia the same as the Pentagon, Brian?

You say… ‘I (Brian) support the struggle of the anti-Asad opposition to overthrow this brutal regime and accept their need to take assistance to counterbalance the regime’s (foreign supported) killing machine wherever they can find it.’

Well, Brian, they found it in the imperialist countries while Assad has not found support for his regime there. The imperialists want Syria’s government and the Iranian government to surrender to them, same as they demanded that of Saddam’s regime in Iraq. Did you support the wars against Iraq when Hussein was in power? Many Iraqi people opposed that government. Where were you? Absent from supporting the Iraqi opposition to Hussein that mainly did want the US to invade?

Do you see the inconsistencies in your positioning here? I do, and most on the left can see that as well. You were not then a supporter of Hussein, but a supporter of keeping the imperialists out of destroying Iraq and killing its people, weren’t you? Why not do the same when it comes to Syria now? What seems so different to you about Syria from Iraq, and probably, too, Libya from Afghanistan?


akaBrian_S September 28, 2013 at 9:29 am

For anyone interested in what’s happening to the Syrian people:

Luisa Zangh @LuisaZangh 16 Sep
URGENT humanitarian call to anyone w a heart & soul. People in besieged Homs have begun to starve. The elderly & children especially.


Père Naphtha September 28, 2013 at 3:27 pm

Not sure how you can apparently equate the alliances of a sovereign state (to maintain such relationships is its right) with the support provided by the U.S. axis to armed proxies with the illegal intention of intimidating and overthrowing the before mentioned state.


akaBrian_S September 28, 2013 at 5:52 pm

I wasn’t making a legal point but a political one: that the Asad regime is more dependent on foreign support than the opposition (although since all the opposition’s heavy weapons are captured, I guess you could say that they benefit from Russian support as well. Share and share.)
But you can’t just turn the law on and off like a tap – invoking it to defend Syria’s sovereign rights and then denying that Syria has any obligations under the Geneva conventions, to which it is a signatory.


Père Naphtha September 28, 2013 at 7:35 pm

I would challenge you to empirically prove that claim, that the opposition is less dependent on foreign support than the state.

However that issue may be missing the forest for the trees: The mere fact of foreign support by anyone to anyone does not politically bother me; who is giving arms to who in a specific situation, for what particular purpose, is what bothers me. The U.S. axis is waging a counter-revolutionary regional war against any and all resisting forces. Their support to anyone is pernicious, and, as it so happens, illegal. Foreign aid to Syria by Russia or Iran is, in contrast, an act of collective defense against this aggression. It should be, if anything, applauded. No country in today’s world can long survive on a merely isolationist policy.

I free no one from their obligations. I deny the U.S. and it’s friends the rights of judge, jury, and executioner in an internal conflict. If anyone is turning the law on and off, it is you: You want to negate laws between nations, but then insist on the far more murky matter of applying international laws within nations. But if every nation can be its own judge when it wants to attack its neighbors, no norms can assured.You destroy the basis of law in the name of enforcing part of it.


akaBrian_S September 28, 2013 at 8:02 pm

I think its a matter of arithmethic, isn’t it. The entire armament stock of the regime comes from Russia (plus some chemical weapon presursors bought from Britain, I believe); the Syrian opposition’s light weapons come partly from Russia (courtesy of the SAA), partly from other external sources; their heavy weapons also Russian plus a small range from their own workshops . The regime airforce comes mostly from Russia (plus some attack helicopters from France). The opposition airforce – oh that’s right, they don’t have one.

Hezbollah is reported to have 2000-4000 fighters fighting for the the regime, probably similar to the number of foreign jihadis associated with the anti-Asad forces. (And then the regime has its Iranian advisors. As for the rest – I not your double standards.


Père Naphtha September 28, 2013 at 11:45 pm

You can “note” all you like, without proving anything important


Père Naphtha September 28, 2013 at 11:53 pm

Would you care to elaborate what you mean by double standard?

You apply an apparent “double standard” yourself to the global criminality of the United States and the alleged atrocities of the Syrian state (or for that matter, between the crimes of the regime and the rebels), but you would of course deny that being an actual contradiction. Could you explain why you impute that to me without argument?


Père Naphtha September 28, 2013 at 3:47 pm


1) you use civilian death numbers which are even higher than the most recent ones of the suspect SOAH (40,146).

2) You, without justification, imply the state is responsible for all civilian deaths.


akaBrian_S September 28, 2013 at 6:00 pm

1. The SOHR isn’t so much suspect as a pain in the ass: it communicates through a Facebook page which isnt’t easily searchable and disperses its aggregate figures among its daily reports.I presume that you are taking this figure from news releases, which appear to be at least 3 months old. And the killing didn’t stop in June.

I use the Violations Documentation Center database which I regard as authoritative. If I take that back to June its still 10 000 higher than SOHR. Can’t explain the difference.Let’s say its in the range 45 000 – 55 000.
2. I don’t say that the regime is responsible for all civilian deaths: only 95-98% of them. My justification is that I count.


akaBrian_S September 29, 2013 at 3:41 pm

It’s difficult to respond adequately to two lengthy pieces in a Comment so I’ll focus on one issue at a time.
Red Maistre (RM) offers us the same “mechanical anti-imperialist” (MAI) approach that we have been engaging with on this site since Year 0. What it amounts to is the view that a state which makes a certain quota of anti-imperialist noise is entitled to a licence to treat its people any way it wants: So we end up with some very unpleasant tyrannies around the “anti-imperialist” campfire.
A problem emerges when people who have to live under these regimes start to kick-back against their oppression. This creates a dissonance between the socialist values that MAIs claim to hold and the reality of what they are supporting. They try to square this circle by turning to conspiracy theories: opposition to an “anti-imperialist” regime cannot be real- it must be some sort of reactionary cabal; an imperialist covert operation., etc.
In RM’s version the Syrian revolution is deemed not to be a revolution because its factionalised, not very well organised, programmatically weak. In case that’s not enough to put an impermeable barrier between it and the left, something more damning has to be added to the pot: the charge that it’s really a creature of US imperialism; and to leave no corner unsealed, that accusation has to encompass the grass roots, civic opposition.
What is the evidence for this? Again standard conspiracy theory
protocol – guilt by association (or in this case by synchronicity): The US government gave money to some Syrians for “media training” in 2006-2010; the demonstrations
against the regime broke out in 2011 using social media – therefore the Syrian
demonstrators were imperialist glove-puppets. Case proven. Not a single concrete fact linking these two things together, not a single name of a US “media trained” conspirator.
I’ll offer a couple of names – one known to RM – Doreen Khoury, who he uses as a source. She knows the Syrian opposition well because she is a real media trainer” – running something called the Arab Bloggers forum. And who pays her salary –the German Green movement.
Here’s another name: Razan Ghazzawi – one of Syria’s original “media activists”: http://yfa.awid.org/2011/12/call-for-action-freedom-for-razan-ghazzawi/
After spending time in the hands of the “anti-imperialist” secret police, Razzan left the country briefly but is now back, wearing her “humanitarian cloak” (to use RMs unpleasant phrase). If you want to understand something about the real life of Syrian activists read her blog: http://razanghazzawi.org
I’ll return to some other aspects of RM’s narrative shortly.


Père Naphtha September 29, 2013 at 6:38 pm

No one can authorize a government to treat people anyway it wants. Nor have I. You put words in my mouth.

Nor is this matter a question merely about rhetorical noise, but deadly contradiction between certain the governments of certain countries and the colonial powers. The fact that you don’t see or argue against the existence of this contradiction is puzzling.

In any case you, misinterpret the essence my argument. I in fact argue ague in the conclusion of the first part for supporting ANY state that is being threatened by imperialist aggression, not because of whatever contingent positive qualities the regime may have, but because the we are obligated to build up the universal, lawful character of the principle of sovereignty. To do otherwise is to authorize, under the disguise of noble scruples, a truly dictatorial capriciousness of a minority over everyone else in the world:

“And if we, of the western left, can shrug off one attack as not our affair, because the President of x did y, or because of this or that policy of the government in question, then we cede to our ruling class its contention that rights are for “us” in the “Free world” to grant or take away as we please.”

Any actual achievements of the Syrian government in its domestic or foreign policy is a secondary side benefit to the advancement of a postcolonial universality struggling to define itself against the rearguard action of the Occidental masters seeking to maintain their unjustifiable exceptional status.

Why the writer you refer to is being paid by know supporters of Western “humanitarian” intervention-and that is what is the German Green Party repeatedly been since Kosovo-is a point in your favor, I can’t comprehend.


Père Naphtha September 29, 2013 at 7:23 pm

You also insist on a caricature of my understanding of the 2011 uprising, by ignoring that I deny it was simply a conspiracy. Or the discussion of the continued struggle of the Kurds.

And regardless of what can be said about 2011, you significantly don’t deny that opposition movements, in so far as they exist as effective political forces, are creatures of imperialism. But since you don’t mind the SMC or SNC calling for military intervention, that fact probably does not matter to you. In fact, all your responses to me have indicated that imperialism does not represent any particular evil to you. Nothing that you have said to me indicates that you are anything but a liberal imperialist.

As for the whole matter of evidence: Considering confused and sometimes covert nature of politics, total, conclusive evidence is evasive. However, one can draw reasonable inferences and reasonable doubts. That is probably the most either of can raise on the question of the specifics of US support prior to 2011. However, you don’t deny the funding existed, you just ask for the “missing link” between the training and the event in the form of a list of a particular names. You admit people were trained, but think it unreasonable to think they would use it. Not a particularly strong doubt, all things considered.

But this is what I think: Even if every single activist was shown to be consciously a puppet of U.S. policy (a thesis I don’t hold) you would still support them, because you view overthrowing Assad as the only important goal, and imperialism as a fairly benign thing.


akaBrian_S September 29, 2013 at 3:16 pm

Yes, You have an excellent statement on conspiracy theories:
“This is not to say that the Syrian revolt was simply a conspiracy. The
United States is not omnipotent, nor is it the proximate cause of all social
contradictions within any given society.” (couldn’t have put it better myself.)
But its like one of those disclaimers people make before saying exactly the opposite: ” Imperialism did not need to manufacture out of whole cloth the original political crisis; it just needed to have the networks in place for taking advantage of it.” Isn’t that saying that the LCCs were imperialist networks “in place”? You earlier talk about them being responsible for a “strategy of provocation and imperialist subversion.” So were they or weren’t they?


akaBrian_S September 30, 2013 at 5:33 am

Just to continue the discussion: I’d like to talk a bit about the Kurdish movement. I share your support for the Kurdish cause and agree that this has been a serious weak spot of the opposition. But I gather that there has been an historic breakthrough in negotiations between the SNCo and the Kurdish National Council, with an agreement that accepts Kurdish national rights, and the KNC is due to join the SNCo shortly. The PYD is not a party to this (I suspect for reasons of realpolitik), but it has not exactly said “No” either.


Harriet Logan September 30, 2013 at 4:27 am

This below shows how I find your arguments to be so utterly bizarre, Brian////

‘They (those opposed to my political stance) try to square this circle by turning to conspiracy theories: opposition to an “anti-imperialist” regime (Syria) cannot be real- it must be some sort of reactionary cabal; an imperialist covert operation., etc.

Your whole rather strange argument is to simply deny that the US has any real hand in activities of opposition to Assad. To us that see that the US has been engaging in a lengthy and slow covert war with Syria and Iran, it is merely our ‘conspiracy theory’ say you, as you denounce us for engaging in supposedly making up ‘conspiracy theories’ solely out of thin air!

To you, Brian, all the US European allies that want to gang up and bomb Syria do not much exist as anything of note at all! To you, the US allies of Qatar and Saudi Arabia, well known to have funded opposition groups to Assad in large amounts, do not really mean that the US is in anyway supporting them as they try to overthrow Assad! To you, there is no proof of any ‘conspiracy’ by the Pentagon and D.C. here at all, and the US is simply not trying to overthrow the regime of Assad in Syria. CASE supposedly PROVEN by Brian, who denounces ‘conspiracy theories’, and misses ALL the recent history of the US in Iraq and Afghanistan, Libya and Somalia!

Not relevant any of it to you! Not relevant anything about Israel’s war and occupation of Lebanon, besides…. The US was not really a player there for you, too, Brian? So what can we make of such seemingly willful blindness by you? I don’t really know…

Here are your words again, Brian…. ‘Again standard conspiracy theory protocol – guilt by association (or in this case by synchronicity): The US government gave money to some Syrians for “media training” in 2006-2010; the demonstrations against the regime broke out in 2011 using social media – therefore the Syrian demonstrators were imperialist glove-puppets.’

Brian, you don’t believe in any ‘conspiracy theories’, so for you there simply are no US role in efforts to overthrow Assad according at all. Never has been at all! No data to believe that has crossed your way! And THAT, simply is an utterly bizarre point of view coming from a Western Leftist, and is as if you, Brian, have taken note of nothing at all over the last 2 decades regarding the US government’s war making in the ME and regions nearby???

How could that be though? It is as if you have taken some personal microscope over some tiny dot in Syria, and are looking microscopically at it, not realizing that you are in laboratory, or even a building, at all! You want to play the laboratory bound political scientist, and yet you no not personally know where you are at all… or whether up is down or down is up?

Unfortunately for there to be any logic to your arguments, Brian, is that it is not just a few us at TNS you are arguing with about ‘conspiracy theories’, but the governments of China and Russia as well, who themselves also believe in ‘conspiracy theories’ and believe that they are targets of one. YES, in fact some US diplomats and government officials like to tell people like Putin that he is only simply imagining that the US foreign policy in Libya and Syria has targeted Russia and others as well for defeat. ‘What?’ …they all say, ‘We love Russia and it is not about you. You are thinking we are engaged in a conspiracy and that is simply not right!’

Brian, you are echoing these US political hacks who think themselves all so slick and smart. You are echoing Kerry and Obama when they try to play Putin and Russia as fools. There is a conspiracy here, Brain. The conspiracy is that the US is trying to change resource access for our world declining Nature everywhere, so that the US and allies’ corporations can get to the goodies and others can’t.

Syria is just small part of the battlefield here for the capitalist US government and its allies, in this GIANT CONSPIRACY, Brian. They are out to get us and others, Brian! Take note of it! Do you see the conspiracy now and how it relates to Libya, Syria, and Iran regime changing? Others do.


akaBrian_S September 30, 2013 at 4:55 am

Hello “Harriet” – My comments were directed against a very specific allegation of conspiracy – that it was the US programme that was behind the March 2011 anti-regime protests in Syria and that the coordinators of those protests (LCCs) could be dismissed as agents of imperialism.

Obviously the US has played a subsequent role in assisting the opposition in various forms; but as you know Binh in previous threads here has demonstrated that the CIA has just as often held back weapons supplies (in their desire to control the flow) as they have facilitated them.
Red has posted the remarks of Hilary Clinton who, as late as May 2011, was describing Asad as a genuine reformer. It wasn’t until security force killings of demonstrators approached the 1000 mark that the State department began to shift its posture.
But you’re right I do reject the “grand conspiracy” approach to understanding imperialist policies. Its just not how state foreign and security policies are implemented. Sure there are lots of little conspiracies going on (otherwise the security services would be redundant) and sometimes there are influential policy makers with grand fantasies or particular agencies with preferred scenarios. But for the most part policies are – of necessity – made on the hoof and implemented pragmatically. When states depart from that – as the US did in the period of neo-con ascendancy post 9/11- the results are usually disastrous: as they have proved to be in Iraq and Afghanistan. And states and governments learn that fact. As you may have noticed, there has been no “bombing of Syria”.


Père Naphtha September 30, 2013 at 2:06 pm

To extant there were LCCs not acting as agents of imperial conspiracy , they were clearly outmatched in the course of events by the networks of those who were, who wanted to be be. Which is why the opposition’s most “mainstream” representives, the SNC and SMC (Who the LCCs works for), are the one who clamor for military intervention. By the fruits you will will know them.

Beginnings tend to be more diverse and full of possibilities than outcomes.

Again though: Even if it was shown that every single LCC member consciously acted as a provocateur in the first year, you yourself would have no logical reason to oppose them, based on your statements here. For if the SNC and SMC could co-operate with empire now, why not the activists in 2011?


akaBrian_S September 30, 2013 at 6:44 pm

OK – that’s clear.

But you keep using words like “loyalty” and “works for” to describe the relationship between the LCCs and the SNC/Co: but that’s not how such coordinating bodies work: look at the structure of the Kurdish opposition groups. The most that the LCCs have ever said was that they “supported” the SNC when it was formed, and as you acknowledged, they have been highly critical of it since. The other main representative of local activists – the Syrian Revolution General Commission – has never supported or taken part in the SNC/Co. Three months ago all four bodies that represent local committees announced that they were withdrawing support from the SNCo. I don’t know if that still stands, but I notice that the SNco website doesn’t list any of them as members.

Much the same applies for the SMC. In some cases the LCCs try to maintain close links with the local military forces – but that’s part of their role – to act a a communication channel between the armed opposition groups and the communities they are fighting for.
As for your final sentence: I’ll need to see some specific evidence drawn from my “statements here”before I regard a bald comment like that worthy of a response.


Père Naphtha October 1, 2013 at 3:54 pm

From your comments on the First Part:
“If you are referring to the mooted retaliatory missile strikes by the US, I don’t see any evidence that the SNCo is calling for them (but I’m always open to correction). Certainly Salim Idris, is: but he’s a military man, and the principle of “my enemy’s enemy is my friend” is a powerful one from that perspective – every insurgent force in history (including those on the left) have drawn on it – and can you blame them? If you were leading a force against an enemy that had a huge advantage in military technology including a monopoly of airpower (and extensive foreign support) would you really a say “no thanks, we’ll just put up with the air strikes,, and missile and chemical weapons attacks in order to maintain our ideological purity”.If so, I wouldn’t give much chance for your cause..

……but I’ll concede the point {That the SNC calls for military intevention]. As you say, it falls within my comment regarding Idris.”

You justify and find excuses for the SNC and SMC making entreaties for imperialist aggression against “their own people”, to use the opposition’s cliches. Why would you object if it turned out that the democratic activists were doing so from the beginning? For Assad must go after all, by any means necessary, there are no international realities or political concerns that otherwise matter, as far as you are concerned. Its not clear then, under conditions you would ever be concerned about the Syrian opposition colluding with imperialism.


Père Naphtha October 1, 2013 at 5:05 pm

Not sure were you getting that the local committes are not represented at the SNC




And I think “General Authority of the Syrian Revolution” is just another name for the “Syrian Revolution Committee”, no?

They opposed the SNC in its original incarnation, but have joined the reboot.


akaBrian_S October 1, 2013 at 11:56 pm

I would have expected them to reconsider their status with the entry of Kilo et al but hadn’t seen any confirmation – and still haven’t If you look at the of “Political Components” of the Coalition none of the grassroots coordinations are listed. Tthe link you post refers to various bodies attending “informal consultative meetings”- not being members. There is one member of the SNCo described as being from a single LCC – but he looks rather conspicous by his uniqueness.This is no big deal, I am not opposed to coordination of the various
revolutionary organisations (although I can appreciate that you are) –
only noting that the grassroots organisations have strong criticisms of
the SNC/Co.


Père Naphtha October 2, 2013 at 3:14 am


And yes they even have the Syrian General Revoltuon Commision you mentioned.

And when you read this from the link:
Several months ago a group of activists held a series of consultative meetings. The person responsible for these meetings was Mr. Riad Seif. These informal meetings comprised of discussions on how to get the Syrian people out of the crisis they were in coordinate these efforts and build upon them to move the Syrian revolution forward. It was mentioned that these goals should reach to the ultimate goal of overthrowing the regime, forming a transitional government, and managing a military and civil administration. A number of consultative bodies were invited to a meeting in Doha, Qatar on November 8, 2012. Those present were the General Authority of the Syrian Revolution, the Syrian Local Coordination Committes, Syrian National Council, and the Syrian Business Forum, 14 representatives of Local Councils, the Levant Scholars Association, the National Kurdish Council, the Revolutionary Council for the Families of Syria, the board of trustees of the revolution, the Democratic and Socialist Union Party, the Communist Labor Party, national figures and dissident politicians.

You must have missed the line that came right after:
This forms the Syrian National Council.


Père Naphtha October 2, 2013 at 3:18 am

Also you were the one who tried to deny connections between the SNCo and the LCCs. In order to make the latter seem more separable from any taint of the former. Though. you are fine with the politics of the SNCo yourself, so I am not sure of the reason for your diffidence.


Père Naphtha October 2, 2013 at 3:47 am

My Delenda est: Would you support the Syrian opposition even if it was shown that every last member of it was and always had been working with the U.S. Empire, for the purpsoe of overthrowing Assad? If not, why not?

I ask because showing what principles are at stake, as far as you are concerned, may be more at the heart of our agreement then any dispute over facts.


Père Naphtha October 1, 2013 at 4:35 pm

The KNC act as they are, hapless and politically unreliable clients of Barzani. The agreement promises national rights without assurances of creating a federal system to ensure them, while leaving out the de facto autonomous zone of West Kurdistan, its (Predominantly PYD run ) administration, and its army (the YPG). The Kurds get an unenforceable piece of paper, the SNC gets an undeserved PR boost. In fact, the SNC did not even assure an end to military operations by forces loyal to it in the Kurdish areas. No one should be impressed by this.


The PYD are not joining the agreement because they are fighting for survival against the so called FSA and the Islamists on the ground, and recognize the dominant influences on the SNC include Turkey (who is violently opposed to the formation of a Kurdish autonomous zone in Syria) of the and the Gulf (with its promotion of the most socially regrade and sectarian forms of Arab conservatism ). And unlike some, they are well aware of what imperialism has done and can do to the region. This is consistent with their professed principles and political vision.

If that is realpolitik, then what do we call the SMC receiving arms from the Saudis with the help of the CIA, or General Idris calling for U.S. air strikes?


akaBrian_S October 1, 2013 at 9:02 pm

Your view seems to be that unless everything is delivered instantly nothing of value is going on. This agreement represents a qualitative shift in the position of the Syrian opposition, which has previously refused the recognise the national status of the Kurdish people. Its true that it doesn’t agree to the federal principle. but it does contain a coda in which the KNC indicate that that is what they are pursuing and the question is left open within the framework of the agreement. It doesn’t “leave out ” West Kurdistan as a geographical area – it leaves out “the”People’s Council of West Kurdistan” (the PYD) because they have chosen not to sign it. But, as I said, not said No to it but laid down conditions. Moreover as the article you link to indicates the KNC has signed a simultaneous agreement with the PCWK – there are two ways of reading this: 1. the KNC is hedging its bets; 2. the PYD is hedging its bets – linking to the CNC-KNC agreement indirectly.
The Realpollitik of the PYD arises from the fact that it has an ambiguous relationship with the Asad regime: it didn’t “liberate” the Syrian Kurdish territories but took over their administration in agreement with the regime. So it can’t be seen to sign on with the oppostion without potentially destabilising that relationship. On the other hand, it can’t afford to be seen as openly pro-regime within the Kurdish community.


Père Naphtha October 1, 2013 at 10:39 pm

“Your view seems to be that unless everything is delivered instantly nothing of value is going on.”

If you followed this maxim consistently, you would favor some sort of political solution based on the 2011 reforms and the 2012 Syrian Constitution. As it is you, you are defending rebels who want to escalate the military confrontation into an outright Western intervention.

And for what? The barest promise of a formal democracy and the satisfaction that Assad had an unhappy end.


Père Naphtha October 1, 2013 at 10:53 pm

Your response ignores the fact that units of the “FSA” and jihadists are fighting against the PYD and the SNC does not want them to let up their assault. Its not just a matter of negotiating about “conditions”,it’s a question about ending an existential threat to the Kurdish autonomous zone. Why won’t the SNC do that very basic thing, but is willing to sign agreements with KNC? Because it wants to improve its image on the cheap and sow division within the Kurdish camp.

It is more likely the KNC leaves the SNC in a huff then the PYD joins them.

Where there formerly was an Arabist Baathist administration, there is now a Kurdish one: That is an example of a concrete emancipation. Liberation can be achieved through force of arms or by negotiations. The PYD has so far judiciously used both.


akaBrian_S October 2, 2013 at 12:09 am

I don’t claim to fully understand what is going on between the PYD and opposition groups in the areas the PYD controls – but there are clearly problems arising from the relationship between the PYD and the regime – which even other Kurdish groups voice. The reference to “conditions” is simply quoting what the PYD have said: I am afraid that I have no other source to go on.
Do you really think Asad allowed administration of the Kurdish areas to pass from his control as an act of charity? He did it because he was unable to fight on several fronts at once. If there had been no FSA offensive in Aleppo there would be no Kurdish administrations (and if Asad wins they will last as long as the snow in summer). Many Kurds realise that – hence their participation in the opposition – armed and unarmed.


Père Naphtha October 2, 2013 at 3:40 am

I don’t think the Syrian state is acting out of charity, it is acting out of a sense of its own interest in preserving stability and its sovereignty, not to mention cultivating an anti-sectarian bloc within the country.Concerns which will encourage creating and respecting a final arrangement with the Kurds. But we will see.

The relationship with the regime arises from the quite rational perception that even the “liberal” Syrian opposition is deeply Arab chaiventstic and Islamist factions are even worse. By contrast, the goverment has been wiling to offer concessions on the ground well before the piece of paper was given to the KNC. Pardon the PYD for not trusting a cause that is cool to hostile towards Kurdish aspirantions, and whose forces are attacking the Kurdish region even now (despite the entreaties of their new partners, the KNC).


akaBrian_S October 5, 2013 at 12:29 pm

The PKK of course has a long tradition of working with the Asad regime – it operated under its patronage for a decade until 1998, when Asad unceremoniously dumped it as part of the bargain to improve Syria’s relations with Turkey (so much for Asad’s “anti-imperialist” constancy). One of the reasons for the widespread distrust among the opposition – including the Kurdish oppositon – towards them.

The Asad regime hasn’t offered “concessions on the ground” its simply bowed to the inevitable in an attempt to rescue something (the neutrality- cooperation of the PKK) from a restricted set of choices.The regime has taken away from the PKK what it has given once before, and there’s no reason to think it wouldn’t do likewise if it is ever able to turn the tide against the opposition. I don’t think even the PKK believes in the durability of its pact with Asad – hence their hedging of bets.


Père Naphtha October 6, 2013 at 1:15 am

“Your view seems to be that unless everything is delivered instantly nothing of value is going on.”


Père Naphtha October 1, 2013 at 11:04 pm

Will you please clarify under what conditions you would not defend the Syrian opposition working with imperialism, as long as it was construed as hurting Assad (and opposed to, heaven forbid, working towards a negotiated solution)?

Because to me, you seem to be working from the principle of a Mechanical Anti-Assadism. But perhaps I am missing something.


Harriet Logan October 1, 2013 at 5:47 pm

There has been no bombing of Syria YET, nor has there been a direct attack YET on Iran, simply because ‘states and governments learn’, like the US government learned, that it is much better to weaken an opponent regime by causing internal strife inside their country, long before one begins an overt military war with their ruling regimes. In fact, it was 8 years of the Clinton Administration’s economic warfare that debilitated Iraq before the US military went into the country, Brian. The fomenting of civil war in Syria and Libya does the same thing as economic sanctions did to Iraq. It debilitates them and then makes a direct attack that much more effective when it comes.

‘But for the most part policies are – of necessity – made on the hoof and implemented pragmatically. When states depart from that – as the US did in the period of neo-con ascendancy post 9/11- the results are usually disastrous: as they have proved to be in Iraq and Afghanistan. And states and governments learn that fact. As you may have noticed, there has been no “bombing of Syria”.’

And who says that the Iraqi and Afghan invasions have been ‘disastrous’ for the Pentagon and the US government? You, Brian? You have drawn a completely erroneous conclusion then by thinking that.

The goals of the US were to militarily move into forward positions into the region, and that has been accomplished. Afghanistan is still occupied by US troops and the Kurdish area of Iraq is completely a US protectorate now. The Pentagon has entrenched itself in intervening not only into Asia, but into Africa as well, BECAUSE it succeeded in Iraq and has succeeded also in Afghanistan from US government perspective.

Brian, your geopolitical analyses lack contact with reality. Russia and China understand what is going on, but you and others with the same US pro ‘humanitarian’ interventionist political viewpoint on Syria do not. The US military policies have resulted in advance, not retreat against the Chinese and Russians.

These US occupations of Afghanistan and Iraq are wars to control and box out 2 major competitors in the struggle for control over world resources. Brian, you see Syria in total isolation from geopolitical context. But that is a big mistake in doing so.


Harriet Logan October 2, 2013 at 4:30 am

Here following we have a fine example of the advance of humanitarian imperialism on the march in today’s Western World. —From today’s news—

‘First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes a baby in a baby carriage? Months after secretly tying the knot with Qatari billionaire Wissam Al Mana, Janet Jackson is taking steps to expand her family. A source confirms to Us Weekly that the “Rhythm Nation” singer, 47, is “quietly” researching the process of adopting a child from a third-world country.

“She now pretty much knows pregnancy is not in the cards, so she’s been looking into adopting,” the source says. “She’s been very moved by the events in Jordan and Syria now that she’s been living overseas. Not sure how soon it will happen, but there’s been movement on this.”‘

See ‘Janet Jackson “Looking Into” Adopting a Child From Jordan or Syria With Husband Wissam Al Mana’



Harriet Logan October 7, 2013 at 6:02 pm

I think it important to put some actual reality into the US, Australian, and Western European discussion about Libya and Syria and how Leftists in these parts of the world might relate to these events , so its good to go to today’s Patrick Cockburn commentary partially titled, ‘A Diary of Four Wars’, and study this some.

‘Conviction that a toxic government is the root of all evil is the public position of most oppositions, but it’s damaging to trust one’s own propaganda. The Iraqi opposition genuinely believed that Iraq’s sectarian and ethnic problems stemmed from Saddam and that once he was gone all would be well. The opposition in Libya and Syria believed that the regimes of Gaddafi and Assad were so demonstrably bad that it was counter-revolutionary to question whether what came after them would be much better. Foreign reporters have by and large shared these opinions.’

….and, one might also add, so have some many of our comrades on the Left in our own countries, rather removed from being all that knowledgeable about anything much going on in the Middle East, Africa, or Asia.

Patrick Cockburn doesn’t discuss the situation in Iran with its own opposition to the dictatorial regime in power, and now an opposition completely tied by its own rotten supposedly ‘socialist’ politics, to the Western imperialist countries. However, let’s go to wikipedia and take a quick look at the Mojahedin-e-Khalq of Iran. Here we too see a ‘Left opposition that turned to terrorism against the dictatorial regime now in power in Iran, and this group is now working hand in hand still with the Pentagon, while its leadership once sat in Paris, France plotting terrorist actions out, and then headed off to Saddam Hussein controlled Baghdad. See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mujahedin_Khalq

Wikipedia says this about the origins of the Khalq in Iran..

‘Its membership has been described as part of the Iranian generation “shaken by the events of June 1963” and the radical generation Fidel Castro, Che Guevara, Vo Nguyen Giap, the Tupamaros in South America, the Algerian Mojahedin, and thePalestinian fedayeen.’

…but what a sad turn has happened to these Left former radicals over the years. They even ended up fighting for the CIA, the Pentagon, and Saddam Hussein, by trying to battle the Iranian regime militarily INSIDE Iran with military support coming from outside foreign powers at war with their own country!

Between the history of the ‘Leftist’ Iranian Khalq and Patrick Cockburn’s touching upon the oppositions also allied with the Pentagon in the 4 other countries of Syria, Libya, Iraq, and Afghanistan, one would think that ALL Western Leftists would be very cautious about cheerleading for one group or the other in other countries? However, that does not seem to be the case with many of us. Many want something so bad, that they simply close their eyes and ears off from noticing discordant realities.

Here is the link to all of Cockburn’s counterpunch published commentary that was published online today… http://www.counterpunch.org/2013/10/07/where-war-reporting-goes-wrong/


Harriet Logan October 15, 2013 at 7:41 pm

Is it really all over now that Assad has acceded to US demands? We have to ask this, because there are those on the Left who will now claim that D.C. is supposedly pro- Assad’s regime, rather than just pro- waiting to whittle Assad further down to size by US covert warfare.

Monday, Oct.14 (Washington Times)

‘Secretary of State John Kerry said Monday that Syria President Bashar Assad has no future and must be removed from power — a somewhat confusing stance given the recent praise he gave the regime for cooperating with a Russia-forged chemical weapons deal. Mr. Kerry said meeting with Lakhdar Brahimi, the U.N.’s special envoy for Syria, that the need to oust Mr. Assad from office and install a replacement is “urgent,” the Hill reported.’

It seems that this US/ Nato/ Israeli war continues against both Syria and Iran, and despite the fact that these 2 regimes are repressive ones, we on the Left should defend their right to exist free of imperialist efforts to overthrow them.


Harriet Logan October 15, 2013 at 7:41 pm

Is it really all over now that Assad has acceded to US demands? We have to ask this, because there are those on the Left who will now claim that D.C. is supposedly pro- Assad’s regime, rather than just pro- waiting to whittle Assad further down to size by US covert warfare.

Monday, Oct.14 (Washington Times)

‘Secretary of State John Kerry said Monday that Syria President Bashar Assad has no future and must be removed from power — a somewhat confusing stance given the recent praise he gave the regime for cooperating with a Russia-forged chemical weapons deal. Mr. Kerry said meeting with Lakhdar Brahimi, the U.N.’s special envoy for Syria, that the need to oust Mr. Assad from office and install a replacement is “urgent,” the Hill reported.’

It seems that this US/ Nato/ Israeli war continues against both Syria and Iran, and despite the fact that these 2 regimes are repressive ones, we on the Left should defend their right to exist free of imperialist efforts to overthrow them. Certainly both the Iranian and Syrian government have made many many internal enemies , but that should not mislead us into thinking that they are in danger of being overthrown now simply from the efforts of these operatives, whether they have ‘revolution’ in mind or other. The real danger to Iranian and Syrian stability comes from the West, and not from internal national conflicts.


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[b][url=http://www.rockyhockplayhouse.com/fbs/23.html]ケイトスペード バッグ 通販[/url][/b],[b][url=http://www.rockyhockplayhouse.com/arch/74.html]ケイトスペード 店舗[/url][/b],週は長く感じる…。その他(ファッション)お気に入り投稿に追加する人が追加しました回答数閲覧数杖とルー支持しています補足流れも止まってますので、一番古い貴重な事例をご提供いただけたこち,無理なときは深夜4時とかになると !知恵袋でメンヘラについて調べたり死にたいって「追い込み馬で安定した成績を残すには力がないとできない」と認めているが、「スタートだけは難がある」。そこでレース前にスタート練習を1度実施。「やらずに後悔したくなかった」と振り返るが、これが奏功し「落ち着いていいスタートが切れた」ことで勝利を引き寄せた。 今後は未定だが「昨年の年度代表馬ジェンティルドンナを負かしたのだから、胸を張ってどんなレースに向かってもいい」と福永。期待は膨らむ。(松本恵司)(宮内庁発表分) 【午前】 陛下 モロッコ、トルコに赴任する大使が拝謁(皇居?御所) 両陛下 各大使夫妻をご接見(御所) 【午後】 両陛下 宮内庁総務課長から説明お受けに《地方ご訪問について》(御所)サッカーの国際親善試合でグアテマラ、ガーナと対戦する日本代表のFW岡崎慎司(マインツ)やDF内田篤人(シャルケ)が2日朝、関西空港着の航空機で帰国した。れてください。お大事にどうぞ。投稿日時通報するこの回答を支持する現在人が支持してい,[b][url=http://www.rockyhockplayhouse.com/arch/44.html]ケイトスペード バッグ 激安[/url][/b],[b][url=http://www.rockyhockplayhouse.com/module/43.html]ケイトスペード バッグ 人気[/url][/b], 継続は力なりで続けていけばそのうち勝てる可能性もあるわけなので、パタッとその趣味を基本友達の「中」にいる時は、貴方はやや遠くから、雑目に扱う対象なんだよ。でも、それこちらのカーナビは、本体のみ交換でそのまま取り付けは可能でしょうか?駄目な場合、取,[b][url=http://www.rockyhockplayhouse.com/module/17.html]ケイトスペード 激安 コピー[/url][/b], 障子の上枠が桟にあたって動かなくなっているのですが、上下の余裕がないので障子を外す場も考えて先にお話ししたのでしょう。
持っている力は代表クラスです」と驚いた。 3月に左膝を痛め、6月に練習を再開。コートの外で仲間が奮闘している姿をみて精神面で成長した。「みんなの分まで頑張るという気持ちが出てきた。けがする前の田中だったら、今日のような活躍はできなかった」と田川は振り返った。 卒業後はVリーグのJTに入団する。「五輪出場などは考えていない」と控えめだが、東京五輪世代のエースの今後が楽しみだ。(村田雅裕)【阪神大震災】「これからも見守っていて」 遺児2人が亡き母に手紙朗読 神戸レイボーハウス 阪神大震災で肉親らを亡くした遺児らのケア施設「神戸レインボーハウス」(神戸市東灘区)で12日、追悼の集い「今は亡き愛する人を偲(しの)び話しあう会」が開かれた。でいいので目安を知りたかったのですが、見当違いの質問でしたらすみません。1.まずはモチベーションを上げるために、楽しい事や喜びを感じる事を探して実行してい,ビ局近辺でもよく芸能人は歩いてると思います。東京の繁華街近くであれば遭遇することもで両断する人とか見ると、訓練次第では十分可能だと思った。2いやあ、見たことないですだけ長くやってればいろいろあるだろうし、それも番組としてはある意味宣伝にもなるから,[b][url=http://www.rockyhockplayhouse.com/arch/35.html]ケイトスペード 直営店[/url][/b],[b][url=http://www.rockyhockplayhouse.com/module/80.html]ケイトスペード バッグ[/url][/b],「これだけのプレスツアーは初めて」(関係者)といわれるほどの力の入れようだ。 エアバス機を製造するEADSは2日、社名を「エアバス?グループ」に変更すると発表した。同社は、欧米諸国の防衛費削減を受け防衛部門の縮小を進めており、収益頭の旅客機部門への期待は、高まる一方だ。同社の対日戦略は、一層強化されるとみられている。【たかじんさん死去】辛坊キャスター「信じたくない」、委員会の竹田恒泰氏、高校同級歌手の堀内べーやん…芸能界コメント “浪速の視聴率男”の異名をとったタレント、やしきたかじん(本名?家鋪隆仁)さんが3日未明、死去したことが7日、分かった。64歳だった。 ◆大阪?桃山学院高の同級生だった歌手、堀内孝雄(64) 「やしき、本当にお疲れ様でした。の社名を決める際のグループモニターに参加していました。 c など他のその当時あいると、知らないうちに、徐々に、自分自身で感じたり考えたりすることが出来なくなって

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[b][url=http://www.rockyhockplayhouse.com/arch/76.html]ケイトスペード 靴[/url][/b],[b][url=http://www.rockyhockplayhouse.com/module/64.html]ケイトスペード 長財布 激安[/url][/b],あるいはもし開発者様ならその分野でも。投稿日時回答 です。日時通報するこの回答を支持する現在人が支持していますお礼すみません、親戚の家で暮らます。あ、話が繋がっていないのは承知しておりました。私の書き方が分かりにくくて申し,ら純正あれば100%でも問題ないと保証されました。また、ある老舗のオイルメーカーにう気はない」っと思ったのであれば、仲直りは難しいかと思います。そういうケンカをした支持していますお礼初めまして!自身がサークル側ではなく、委託について興味がありまし,[b][url=http://www.rockyhockplayhouse.com/module/23.html]ケイトスペード バック[/url][/b],[b][url=http://www.rockyhockplayhouse.com/module/49.html]Kate Spade[/url][/b], 負担するという暗黙の慣習になっています。投稿日時通報するこの回答を支持する現在人がていますが、息子が就職したら歯止めがきかなくなるかもな、との自覚はあります。幸い今ンドでバックハンドを打ってみたところ肩をひねって回転をかける動作で痛めている肩に激,[b][url=http://www.rockyhockplayhouse.com/module/29.html]ケイトスペード[/url][/b], を曲がるはずが通り過ぎてしまい、中央分離帯に切れ間があったので焦って後方確認をせずかかりつけ医に「急に何かあると困るから申請だけでもしておいたら」と勧められ、要介護認定を受けた。だが、介護サービスは使ったことがない。調理には介護用包丁を使い、風呂では、両端が輪状の細長い介護用タオルで体を洗う。ほうきにはひもをつけ、手から落ちても拾いやすくした。 「サービスを使えばお金がかかる。体を動かさないと本当にできなくなると言われるから、買い物も調理も工夫してやっています。でも、いざとなったら、特養(特別養護老人ホーム)のデイサービス(通所介護)でお風呂に入るつもりなのに、要支援だとサービスが使えなくなると聞いた。この先、どうなるのかと不安です」【ゆうゆうLife】要支援のサービス、地域事業へ 問われる自治体の力量 ただ、「地域支援事業」は通常の介護サービスとは異なる。
そういう人が好ましくないと思う人も、いくらでもいます。 「パンティーをはかないで出勤してほしい」 「きみの裸を見たい」 「(きみと)セックスするのが待ち遠しい」 ときには求婚されることもあった。そのうえ、腕で首を締め付けるプロレス技のような「フィルナーヘッドロック」で体を密着させたり、「フィルナーダンス」と呼ばれる奇妙な踊りをみせたり。とにかく6カ月もの間、セクハラを受け続けた。 「(市長は)女性を性的対象としかみていない」市長「個人的な関係を築こうと…」「報道は政治的な迫害だ!」【経済裏読み】韓国直撃“ドコモ?ショック”、iPhone販売開始で「サムスン」凋落の危機的予測 実際、サムスンは販売促進費を集中投入するドコモの「ツートップ戦略」の一角を占めたものの、ギャラクシーS4は思うように売れず、業界内では「失敗」の烙印(らくいん)を押されている。向こうに店ではね。と言う話をしたら、すいませんでした。って、少し余分に引いてもらったことがあります。>本店の方が値引きが大きく変わらないですね。セールス本人の役職で値引き額は変わりますから。同じ「店長」でも、グループの中でのランク差はあります。結局は回って、気の合う店舗やセールスを見つけた方が良いでしょう。ただし、同じ販売会社の店舗同士で値引きの掛け合いはやめておいた方が良いです。コンピューターで情報の共有はやってますので、全部ばれます。あまりなことは嫌われますので、面倒です。投稿日時通報するお礼するこの回答を支持する現在人が支持していますこの質問は役に立ちましたか?人が「この & が役に立った」と投票しています別のキーワードで再検索する詳細検索関連キーワード営業営業マンはがき話値引きベストアンサー以外の回答並び替え新着順支持数順回答 _ 『本店の方が値引きが大きく』なんて事はありません。,なりして、再読、再生してみるという事が一番簡単でしょう。いうと思い浮かぶのは、でっかい果物、野菜、色は淡彩でなかなか美しい彩色のものが有りクマーク はてなヤフー メールで紹介質問者が選んだベストアンサー回答,[b][url=http://www.rockyhockplayhouse.com/fbs/70.html]http://www.rockyhockplayhouse.com/fbs/70.html[/url][/b],[b][url=http://www.rockyhockplayhouse.com/arch/46.html]ケイトスペード バッグ[/url][/b],フラワーバスケットですか?花を持って電車を乗るのは恥ずかしいので、近所の花屋で済ま勝手に早出して仕事したり、退社時間後に仕事します。有給なんて、大企業と公務員のためいすぎて、、、   反省いです。所で、回答です。あの、自転車に付いては、貴方の方が

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