Call for Papers: Toward a Mass Party, Bernie Sanders

by The North Star editorial board on May 20, 2015


How will we achieve a mass socialist party, or mass left party, in the USA?  If we have a special opportunity to do so in this specific era, how will we manifest those possibilities?

Electoralism is a particular theme here at North Star.  However, we are happy to entertain alternative routes to a mass party, especially in response to this call.  But instead of just rejecting or critiquing the electoral path, we would prefer pieces that outline your path, your model, articulated in detail!

This is also an opportunity to discuss the 2016 elections broadly — how should we interact with the recent Electoral Action Conference’s network?  Could we get some report-backs on that?  Should we contend the 2016 elections?  Local, Congressional, Presidential, both/any?  Jill Stein?  Vermin Supreme?  What kind of politics?  Let it rip.

And that guy Bernie Sanders.  He talks about class war, he’s running for President.  He has a huge following, he openly identifies as socialist, he is all but a veritable Ron Paul of socialism, and then he has to kick us in the groin by running as a Democrat.  Not that this is a surprise, but as the meme goes, It’s Happening.

Support/oppose?  Join the campaign?  Condemn it?  Engage the conversation without giving support?  Why/why not?

Send submissions to: [email protected]

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Abraham Weizfeld PhD May 20, 2015 at 6:10 pm

DDM Note: The problem is the lack of proportional representation between the social formations in civil society. Women, national-minorities and first nations are all submerged by the almighty majority and its sovereignty of the State.
If there is to be a federated society then there must be a federated social formation. The unity of the struggle is constructed in the constituent assembly that arises together with the social movement. Power is then reconciled with Authority as the Constitutional Law supersedes the legislative assembly of the various partisan interests.


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