Workers March Announced for Washington, DC

by Cristi Demnowicz on April 22, 2017

Baltimore, MD – A small, all volunteer group of activists from the DMV area are planning the first ‘Workers March on Washington DC’ taking place on Sunday, April 30 2017, the day before International Workers Day. The march will bring workers from across the country together in solidarity for workers rights and all human rights. A full platform for the march can be found here:

 Organizers expect over 1000 marchers to stand together and march through the streets of DC, demanding better representation by government officials and an end to corporate exploitation of workers and the environment for profit.

 The Workers March will also feature the first of its kind “Workers World Fair,” an outdoor expo of groups and organizations fighting for equality, safety and security for everyone in the United States. Marchers will have the opportunity to network and learn about the different groups in the hopes that they will be able to work together in the future.

 There will be a rally before the march which will include speakers from different backgrounds and musical performances. The march that follows will be approx 1 mile.

Marchers are encouraged to coordinate contingents by industry/sector to march together. Contingent organizing is taking place in our Facebook Group here:

Details will be updated on our website ( and through our social media channels as available.

 Organizers are also planning a follow up event, to take place around Labor Day.


To learn more about this event, please contact

Cristi Demnowicz, Lead Organizer

Phone: (443) 413-1571

[email protected]

 And visit:

FB Event Page:

FB Page:



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SocraticGadfly April 23, 2017 at 5:29 pm

Those folks need an editor!

A 100-item plus list is ridiculous.

First, not all items there are worker-specific.

Second, you need to focus.


SocraticGadfly April 23, 2017 at 5:33 pm

Some items are incorrect, too. Corporations had “corporate personhood” long before Citizens United, and as Doug Henwood has pointed out, this is a good thing in many ways. If corporations didn’t have corporate personhood, you couldn’t sue them, for example. Also, why do people only look at Citizens United and ignore Buckley v Valero, that started this all, on money in politics? Historical amnesia? Lack of historic research?


Joaquín Bustelo April 26, 2017 at 7:56 pm

These are dirty dog reformist ultra leftist sell-out impossibilists.

OK, it is great to see that racist and great-nation chauvinist strikebreaking and sabotaging the movement is still a thing by calling a demonstration to undercut the May Day protests the next day and …

It is great to see the commitment to proclaiming the complete and utter demoralizing impotence of working people by projecting a march of 1000 people …


Where, pray tell is the demand for raising Georgia’s miserable $5.25 state minimum wage, not to mention the abolition of generalized commodity production?

NOWHERE, that’s where.

Which, coincidentally, is where the North Star’s editors show their web site belongs on the list of any sane person’s priorities by featuring this onanistic fantasy. = 0 < 0

Have a nice and –I pray– very short life.



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