Witchhunting 101

by Mark A. Lause, North Star Editorial Board on May 22, 2018

We live in a wondrous age.

President Donald J. Trump has now come forward as the biggest and more put-upon victim in American public life. The media dutifully repeating his complaints, including those about the media. The head of the American state is now a victim of the State, albeit “the Deep State,” a fictionalized version of the same old everyday State of which he is the head.

When those disadvantaged by class, race, gender, religion, or place of birth pointed out their disadvantages, Trump and his ilk charged them with playing “the victim card.” As a final act of robbery, the lords and masters that engineered the greatest polarization of wealth in all of human history came back to steal that card, as well.

Trump now complains bitterly and continually—because the modern propaganda state requires continual repetition—that he is now the victim of a “witchhunt.”

This from the most important protégé of Roy Cohn, the most sociopathic witchhunter of modern times.

A witchhunt.

Hunting witches—literally or figuratively—has always been the sport of the Church and State. With the legitimacy of the dominant institutions under threat, they could use fear to focus the concerns of the society on the dangers posed by elderly women marginalized by village life . . . or various arms of the modern State identifying select enemies with foreign-sounding names protesting injustices.

How wondrous now that the most powerful individual in the world is now being victimized by his oppressive citizenry. During the last election, one of his supporters insisted to me that Christians are persecuted in the United States, because the rest of the society didn’t permit his particular version of Christianity to dictate morality to the entire society. Rabid politicians and pundits protest that their free speech is violated when people talk back.

A wondrous age, indeed.

We can hardly be surprised if there is endless confusion about “left” and “right,” when the loudest and most repetitive voices in the society work so tirelessly to confuse “up” and “down.”

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