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by North Star Editorial Board on May 27, 2018


We at the North Star, along with Verso Books, will be co-hosting a panel this coming weekend at the Left Forum in New York City at the John Jay College:

DSA and Democrats: For Independent Electoral Politics

Should the Democratic Socialists of America continue to support Democrats for office, or should they break from the Democratic Party and with others, help to form a new, viable third party completely free of the two party system? This forum is less of a debate and more of a panel discussion chaired by North Star editorial board member, Brandy Baker. Speaker include: DSA and Green Party member, Jabari Brisport and radical labour historian and North Star editorial board member, Mark Lause.

Saturday, June 2nd: 2:00 – 3:50pm

Room: 1.65, John Jay College, New York City



Brandy Baker is a playwright and political organizer. She is a member of the North Star editorial board as well as the founder of the political theatre company, Two Planx Theatre. Her new play, Under the Knife, has its world premiere at this summer’s Toronto Fringe Festival.

Jabari Brisport is an activist, socialist, and former Green Party and socialist candidate for New York City Council. He is also an artist and teacher. He’s a political organizer and activist, having organized phonebanks, marches and on other actions for police reform, LGBTQ+ rights, housing, and electoral campaigns. He’s also a former City Council candidate, who ran against a powerful incumbent last year in Brooklyn and secured 9000 votes.

Mark A. Lause is a professor of history at the University of Cincinnati and the author of a dozen books. Most of his work explores and documents the economic, social, and political possibilities that came clearly into focus in the nineteenth century. It often approached the subject from neglected directions—the contemporary working class movements, land reform, secret societies, and insurgent politics, as well the challenge of bohemianism and spiritualism to gender roles. He has episodically participated in various radical organizations, starting with the Students for a Democratic Society, and is currently a member of the Democratic Socialists of America.


*Most unfortunately, DSA National Political Committee member Dele Balogun, who was originally scheduled to be on this panel, will be unable to attend

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