Exposing the Libertarian Agenda of the “Free Thought Project”

by Deborah May on October 9, 2016


I knew there was something seriously wrong with the “The Free Thought Project” (a.k.a., “Police the Police,” “Get Involved, You Live Here,” “V is for Voluntary”) which somehow has become a wildly popular source of information for many of my liberal, progressive and radical friends on Facebook.

While their extensive reporting on incidents of police brutality in the United States at a time when Black Lives Matter has brought the issue of racist police brutality to national attention makes it appear that the folks at FTP must be progressive anti-racist allies with BLM, nothing could be further than the truth.

The Free Thought Project website articles on police accountability support an “All Lives Matter” perspective. One FTP writer’s perspective on the police violence in Charlotte is very different from anything coming out of Black Lives Matter. “Corporate media subtly furthered victim-blaming and what it inaccurately surmised to be a matter of black versus white as the cause for rioting in Charlotte — rather than that overzealous officers stole yet another life for which justice almost certainly won’t follow.”

Another FTP article’s headline reads, “Black Libertarian Calls Out Black Lives Matter’s Culture of Divisive Politics and Victimhood.” Not only does FTP not support BLM, it opposes and undermines the work and anti-racist perspective of that movement.

I first became alarmed when good friends started parroting several words and concepts they attributed to the Free Thought Project. It was easy to recognize the code words used by conspiracy theorists and libertarians: “imaginary money,” “volunteerism,” “Rothschilds,” “false flags,” “Federal Reserve criminals.” Yet most of my friends are well-educated politically conscious folks on the left – so what is going on that so many of them are getting on board with this “Free Thought Project” and their “Police the Police?”

I used my Sunday morning to find out exactly who is part of The Free Project, who funds them and what their real political agenda might be. I found out and it’s not pretty.

First I watched the video linked below that was filmed in February 2016. It features a couple of chain-smoking young white dudes wearing sunglasses and khaki cargo shorts. The background is a beautiful beach in Acapulco. They have just attended the 2016 Anarchapulco international conference there. Despite the incorporation of the word “anarchy,” I’m not feeling the solidarity.

Jason Bassler, one of the two “enlightened” founders of FTP, cannot manage to keep his knees still for even one minute during the half-hour interview with one of his fellow “anarcho-capitalist” activists, Jeff Berwick. Bassler looks more like a coke-head hipster on vacation from his Wall Street job than an anarchist who might proclaim solidarity with the goals of Occupy or Black Lives Matter.

Yes, I did write, “anarcho-capitalist” in the above paragraph. Anarcho-capitalists are more commonly known simply as “libertarians.” These are people whose agenda is to eliminate all government regulation of corporations in favor of “individual sovereignty” in a free market economy. Injecting the word “anarchy” into their new name makes libertarianism sound almost attractive and interesting to progressives who otherwise would reject it outright. Similarly, two of their favorite terms, “evolving consciousness” and “enlightenment” provide their work with an aura of Eastern spirituality. But their anarcho-capitalism is just another word for libertarianism, that noxious conservative neoliberal ideology on steroids.

We could also just remove “anarchy” from the “anarcho-capitalist” label and call them . . . capitalists. If you happen to be one of my friends who believes in overthrowing capitalism, or at least in greater government regulation of corporate capitalism, you should be aware that FTP is owned and operated by people who definitely disagree with you. So be aware whenever you want to repost one of the Free Thought Project’s police brutality videos that you are increasing their advertising revenue and supporting their pro-capitalist libertarian agenda.

The Free Thought Project’s libertarian agenda also includes the concept of volunteerism as a substitute for government provision and coordination of services through the common payment of taxes. The government doesn’t need to provide regular trash pick-up service to urban dwellers, because all we need are volunteers like Bassler, who reports having carried a trash bag to the Acapulco beach to collect the litter there himself. His “leadership” apparently inspired and “empowered” other individuals to join him in his personal project of cleaning up the beach.

Now how easy was that? A couple of people a couple times a month and who needs government services to clean up beaches or whatever? Without governments stopping us from performing volunteer services like this, individual citizens could easily provide all the goods, services and coordination needed in a complex society. “It’s not up to the government to take care of all our problems,” says Bassler. “Volunteerism is the only consistent ideology I embrace.” I bet it is.

The example of cleaning the beach is discussed at length in the video to demonstrate why everyone should refuse to pay taxes to “corrupt governments” for programs serving the common good. Apparently, the provision of health care, mass transit, and education should be fully volunteer-run and privatized. And if you want streetlights in your neighborhood, you better come up with a way to pay a private company to install them in front of your own house.

Bassler and Berwick fully embrace libertarian politics in this video when they openly scoff at the idea that people need any kind of “social contract” to ensure the protection and welfare of all. And if private citizens can figure out a way to make a hefty profit by delivering what used to be a government service under the new libertarian system of wholly unregulated capitalism, so much the better! Just look at how great privatized prisons worked out.

Capitalism has worked out just fine for Jason Bassler and Matt Agorist. They are very happy about having founded the profitable Free Thought Project. With tens of millions of website followers, Bassler and Agorist are rolling in dough from advertising revenue. And they believe that’s a great thing! FTP is unapologetically a pro-capitalist business venture promoting libertarian candidates and ideology. Their other Facebook pages, which include “Police the Police” and “Get Involved, You Live Here,” also link tens of thousands of people back to their profit-making website.

So don’t confuse the Free Thought Project with a benign grassroots nonprofit organization promoting a social justice mission. The mission of FTP is to spread libertarian propaganda disguised as progressive left ideas and make a lot of money doing it.

If you are Black, Muslim or Latino and you think the good folks at the Free Thought Project are looking out for you because they are deeply concerned about how people from racial and ethnic minority groups are targeted by police violence, you can let go of that illusion right now. FTP promotes only “liberty” from a “corrupt government” and “the police state,” but it expresses zero interest in promoting social and economic justice for black communities or fighting back against racist police practices.

In fact, in over thirty minutes of the linked video which emphasizes FTP’s work on the issue of increased police accountability, the words, “racism,” “Black” and “African American” are not mentioned once, let alone the words “Black Lives Matter.”

However, Jason does let us know how excited he is that “a growing swell of people” from “different groups” are joining their efforts to demand police accountability. Like, for example, that “different group” in Ferguson, Missouri after the police execution of Michael Brown.

Finally, let’s move to an examination of some other content on FTP’s website. We see in the “About Us” section that the founders support a “revolution of consciousness.” I assume this is somehow connected to enlightenment” in FTP’s self-description: “The front page to exposing the corrupt government and finding enlightenment along the way.” Yeah, these are a couple of very spiritually-evolved guys.

The “Anti-War” section of the website contains several stories that appear to be taken directly from conspiracy theorist Alex Jones. The articles do not report on any issues central to most progressive peace movements. The “Government Corruption” section has a story focused on a teen who was suspended from her school for taking photos of dirty water in the school water fountain. Yep, there’s evidence of some nasty big government corruption. The “Solutions” section is not a list of links, resources or recommendations, just reposts of the same news stories that appear elsewhere on the website.

So who are some of the role models and activists our enlightened anarcho-capitalist activists mention on this video as folks whose work they find inspiring? Alex Jones, the social media king of convoluted conspiracy theories. Adam Kokesh, gun rights activist. Ron Paul, former Libertarian Presidential candidate from the heart of Texas. Are these guys your heroes?

If you feel still comfortable supporting the Free Thought Project’s libertarian and All Lives Matter political agenda, by all means, continue to uncritically repost their police brutality and conspiracy theory articles and videos to help them earn more advertising revenue. The same is true for their multiple Facebook pages under different names, including “Police the Police,” “Get Involved, You Live Here,” “V is for Voluntary.”

Me? I’d rather send my nickels to my comrades Amy Goodman and Juan Gonzalez at Democracy Now!

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Wayne Price October 9, 2016 at 4:59 pm

Virtually all those who regard themselves as anarchists, of whatever school, reject the idea that so-called “anarchist-capitalists” are anarchists in any way. From its founding in the 1860s, anarchism has always rejected both the state and capitalism. (This includes not only the anarchist-communists and anarchist-syndicalists but individualist anarchists.) They see no point in rejecting the centralized, bureaucratic state while accepting centralized, bureaucratic corporations. They emphasize the interrelation and mutual support of the state and every ruling class down through the centuries. As for the term “libertarian,” it was originally used in France as a synonym for anarchism (usually as in “libertarian socialism”). Unfortunately, in the U.S. and U.K., it has been taken over by right wingers.


TZM_TVP_RBE October 11, 2016 at 8:28 am

Just a few comments:

I have also read from the FTP website and while some of the articles are pure rubbish, taken from conspiracy theorist websites, there are many articles posted there that never show up in the MSM and are very enlightening to what is going on in the world, and the US today.

I have also noted articles posted from RT (Russia Today) and CommonDreams, both of which are very much leftist in nature. Why would they post articles from there if they are so pro-Capitalist? One of those articles makes mention of bankers being jailed in Iceland for the 2007/2008 economic collapse, that doesn’t seem too pro-Capitalist to me, throwing bankers in jail and celebrating it, something that did not happen in the US and should have.

You also mention paying taxes and the good that it brings, but what about the bad? Do you enjoy your tax dollars going to the military who are dropping bombs all over the world and killing thousands (millions if you go back far enough) of innocent people all so that some corporations can make a profit from it? That website slams war, so in essence they are also slamming Capitalism are they not?

Are you sure you are defending the left or simply promoting business as usual (which is what Democracy Now is all about)?


Terry Mac March 8, 2017 at 3:46 pm

Crime is crime whether it is committed by a socialist or a capitalist. Truth is what matters, not the source of the truth and Russia Today is a pretty good source of information that is not being reported by the MSM. The same rules apply to ALL sources, of course, and due diligence is required when fact-checking all reports. Remember that Russia is no longer a communist country and are resisting the New World Order alongside the rest of us. Being from Scotland I don’t see the arguement as being as simple as Right v Left. Every side has criminals, liars and assholes and it is up to the individual to make objective, rational decisions on the available information.


james November 26, 2016 at 8:33 pm

There is so much bulls…going around that my nose is rebelling. Anyone know a ‘safe bet’ site I may have missed.


Rick Petrik December 19, 2016 at 8:27 am

Kind of a sad display of self righteousness and ignorance. People should probably not speak on issues they clearly haven’t taken the time to understand.


Rick Petrik December 19, 2016 at 8:31 am

It’s actually spelled Voluntaryism* – That is the first indicator that you didn’t spend more than 2 minutes trying to understand what was being conveyed. You seem very close minded and incapable of entertaining ideas outside your current worldview.


Derwood January 14, 2017 at 12:18 pm


Except, the FTP has always been *explicitly* a Libertarian project.


Kathy Young February 4, 2017 at 7:06 pm

Love the Free Thought Project. To each his own. FREE SPEECH means FREE SPEECH. So many little Hitlers running around now. And they comment.


Ian Allen February 14, 2017 at 10:38 pm

This article is ridiculous. Many folk spend years trying to get a truthful idea of how the world really works, as opposed to the mind-numbing nonsense spun by the mainstream media. The very notions this author jeers at are mostly very real indeed if only he used some of his pseudo intellect to discover that fact!


Terry Mac March 8, 2017 at 4:01 pm

Fantastic responses to this narrow-minded article whose narrative is to rubbish sources which don’t match their own views. When I find that the truth differs from my understanding of situation I am disappointed but I have to adjust my perspective to accommodate that which has become apparent. I can’t just dismiss the entire website because of some minor inaccuracies and I certainly can’t exclude a source for not supporting my team.


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