A guidepost is not a program or a strategy: it is an orientation. We are oriented towards a politics that leads beyond what is understood as contemporary capitalism. Emerging out of various strains of activists and theoretical traditions—most of which are rooted in socialism or critiques of capitalism—we aim for a new politics. We believe that the traditional leninist, leftcom and anarchist notions of occupation and revolution may not be applicable (if they ever were). We also believe that tactics of reform and harm reduction as part of an electoral path towards socialism have not succeeded in combating the spread of the deleterious effects of global capitalism. We are guiding ourselves towards new understandings and strategies while looking at the socialist/communist past both in its glorious successes and dismal failures. 

We want to examine what radical politics looks like now. 

Taking our name from Frederick Douglass’ first newspaper, the North Star emphasizes the importance of open debate and innovative thinking to political action. Our editors and contributors, however, pull from a long and varied tradition of socialist thinkers — from social democrats to anarchists to ultra-leftists. Reflecting this heterogeneity, we aim to put North American and European socialists in conversation with socialists in different traditions and cultures as a means of revitalizing a field that can seem lacking in new, original thinking. We hope that this cross-pollination leads us to a new conception of what it means to be radically political and politically radical.

Articles posted here reflect the views of their authors, not necessarily those of the editors or other participants. We prioritize posting material that we think merits serious discussion. We hope you’ll join the discussion, which is moderated in adherence to our commenting policy.

For submissions or to collaborate with The North Star, e-mail us at editors [at] thenorthstar [dot] info.