The North Star seeks submissions, both written and multimedia, covering issues that merit discussion on the anti-capitalist left. Of particular interest is material relevant to the task of building a credible, mass anti-capitalist movement. To this end, we hope to expand our range of coverage to include not only intra-left debate but also polemics and exposés directed at our common foes, including not only the reactionary right but also, and perhaps especially, the moderate reactionaries of the Democratic and Labour parties and their enablers. We also welcome cultural critique, personal essays, reports from the streets—in short, anything that deserves the attention of anti-capitalists interested in building a broad, nonsectarian movement.

We are looking for submissions mainly in one of these three areas:

(1) Strategies to construct a mass, multi-tendency Socialist or Left party in the contemporary USA
(2) Democracy under socialism, democracy movements, democracy in left groups
(3) Creative, flexible, organic tactics and organizational practices for the left

We have also reoriented our focus from debates over international phenomena to more pointed questions about how we should proceed in the USA.

Send submissions to: [email protected]

The ideal piece will be between 500-3000 words, although longer or multiple-part pieces will be considered when the topic merits serious engagement. Articles should be written for as broad an audience as possible; if you must use jargon, explain and justify it. Articles should be submitted as either Word, Google or HTML documents; embedded hyperlinks are preferred over footnotes, and the incorporation of images is encouraged.

While we are willing to republish material published elsewhere, please indicate if your submission has been previously published. We give preference to original submissions and material that has otherwise not been widely distributed or discussed. Please include a short author bio of no more than two sentences, disclosing any relevant affiliations.

In keeping with our goal of fostering discussion and debate, we encourage North Star authors to participate in the comments sections of their articles, responding to critiques and answering questions.